Wednesday, September 28, 2005

hump day

yup it's wednesday aka hump day. i never got why pps referred to it as thus but it makes sense now. not quite tues or thurs just in the middle like a hump.


not sure what to do with myself of late i'm so restless. i know that there is stuff that i could/should be doing here at work but i just can't seem to muster up the energy to do it. i started to sort through some files this morning and almost fell asleep so i gave that up and don't want to touch it again today as it's now like 3-4pm and that's so nappy time for me without doing something totally boring and mundane.

so i changed my template figured it was time for a change. i really like the green it's kinda soothing. oh and i finally figured out how to do links! so cool and rather impressed with myself!

looking forward to LOST again tonight. pretty bad when all you look forward to in life is a few t.v. shows.

planning to take dogs for a walk tonight when i get home as the weather turned out to be really quite nice and warm today. mind you when i get home i'll probably be unable to move from the couch but it's nice to think that i will............

anyways. not much else going on right now life is pretty boring.

i'm out

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Aila said...

I LOVE's one of my favourite shows. I didn't do any walking, jogging or anything active as I had intended cuz wednesday is Lost day. Gotta watch it.