Friday, March 07, 2008

wind me up

ugh, the last few days have just been crazy

and i'm so glad it is the weekend

i'm even happier that i only have 20 minutes left to burn here at the office, this has to be the longest day ever! EVER!

Gram's out of the hospital, currently at home with care but she will be moving into a residential seniors complex that offers full-time care, provides meals, cleaning services and all that jazz. I just hope that this works, something tells me that it won't but that's putting the cart before the she's moving next weekend, which makes me really sad as i'm sure that the family will probably sell the house which is hard as I have so many fond memories of that house and it also means that I will have to deal with a new neighbor as we live right next door.

a lot to deal with and process

and i hate change

oh, and i'm freaking out about finding a "brides maid" dress for miss jilly's wedding in May. I have a certain image & color in my head and I cannot find a dress that I like at all, and i've tried several on. i'm getting very frustrated as nothing seems to flatter me or i can't find anything that fits. i need to do some type of cleansing diet where I can lose like 10 pounds in a week, or maybe i just shouldn't eat a la Nicole Ritchie....


i like to eat too much!

i've also still been exercising 5 days a week and I feel better and maybe a little toner, but other than that nada.

and is anyone else really sad about Patrick Swazye? man i had a huge crush on him from Dirty Dancing and to here that he's dying. sad, sad sad

other than that i got nothing

happy friday


Wandering Coyote said...

Uh, no dress is worth going Nichole Ritchie over, OK? Trust me.

Sorry about your Gran. Mine is very frail and elderly, too. It's hard to see them age...

flea said...

wc - it's very hard to see them getting older, esp since I don't feel like i've aged it's very weird and hard to come to terms with