Monday, March 06, 2006

the best dressed nods

honorable mentions go to: Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Uma Thurman

my 1st overall best dressed pic goes to michelle williams wearing a marigold yellow chiffon gown with tulle pleats. i love this vintage 40's look and i love, love her makeup and hair.

so romantic and a step back to the golden days.

luv it and luv how her and Heath seem so in love (let's hope it lasts!)

i had to post this close up pic of Keria's necklace with emeralds, rubies and diamonds. this necklace is truly breathtaking and goes so well with her dress (seen below)

at first glance i loved this dress then i looked again and i wasn't really digging the mermaid skirt but after a 3rd and 4th look i'm loving it again.

the color, the hair, the makeup and that showstopper necklace!!! it's all perfect and true hollywood glamour at it's finest

ah Felicity Huffman such a breath of fresh air on the red carpet, i loved her black gown by Zac Posen with a plunging v-neck keyhole back and sheer panels on the sides.

she looks so sleek and sexy and just stunning as everything falls into place perfectly, just like it should.

Salma Hayek, wow what a show stopper twice in two years! i love this gown and i love her curves! if only there were more women in hollywood like her.

she is so flawless and stunning in this blue slate gown.

two thumbs way up

and lastly, i almost hate to paste her here but kudos is due to Jessica Alba. this girl makes me sick but she has great taste (or her stylist does) to wear this gold versace halter gown with floral beading.

i read somewhere that she looks like an OSCAR which is probably the only time she'll ever get near one. mean but true as she's usually only in films to attract the oppisite sexes attention

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Sadie Lou said...

I agree with all your picks except Michelle Williams. That color was ghastly. I loved her hair and make-up. If that dress was any other color it would have been stunning. The design of the dress was there--just the color left me cold.
Jessica Alba wore that dress to a T. She looked beautiful and I loved the necklace and the absense of a necklace.
Salma is drop dead knockout material! Wow!
Did you see Uma's dress? Or J-Lo?