Wednesday, March 01, 2006

exciting news

so this afternoon my mom calls me up all excited and rambling on about getting some tickets to go check out this show....

you see my mom loves figure skating and she loves this guy

(in case you don't know this is Kurt Browning)

even more. so when she asked me if i would go with her to attend their stop in the big city of Fredericton i was on board as i grew up watching and loving Kurt right along with her.

so now i'm stoked and cannot wait for the 22nd of march

mabye this will make this long winter month fly by in anticipation??

god i hope so!!!!


Wandering Coyote said...

Lucky you!

I was distracted by the word KLEENEX in the first picture. Damn these corporate sponsors!

Bridget Jones said...

WOW Kurt's looking better than ever...

flea said...

wc - ha ha ha, yeah me too! and i can't wait!

bridg - i know he is in fantastic shape and i love the shaved head look on him

Sadie Lou said...

How fun!
~post a review~

Sadie Lou said...

did you click on that banner to help me win an iPod? I hate self promotion but I have never won anything in my whole life.
If you did, thanx.

flea said...

sadie lou - i will definetely post a review as i luv to do so and i have yet to click on your link but i will do so the next time i drop by!! and good luck i hope u win!!!!!!

Ben O. said...

Sounds like fun - we went to one of those back in Seattle and it was actually really good.

And I'm 100% dude. That should say something.

Have fun - Ben O.