Monday, March 06, 2006

move over ladies here come the MEN!!

i know that reese is in this pic but i just couldn't pass up this drool worthy moment to stare at her hubby Ryan Phillipee.

yum and where have you been??? i know you were in CRASH but i have yet to catch that flick and i must now that it snagged best picture & knowing you are in it.

super smooth and super sexy!

luv him and luv the stuble!

Mr. Jamie Fox aka mr. ultra cool, pulls off the shades and the bright blue silk shirt.

totally diggin his vibe and he's looking so smokin!

oh George, how i could fly across the world and stalk you and then kidnapp you and keep you all to myself.

you are one fine specimen of a man

mmmm mmmm good

is it getting hotter in here??

Eric Banna

yum yum i could eat you like a bananna

you are ultra delicous in a tux and love the wavy hair

and lastly my boy toy Jake Gyllenhal

boy does the stuble ever do wonders for you, i always thought you were cute but man you just moved up several notches on my ladder

1 comment:

Sadie Lou said...

Those men were all great examples of how to stand out in a crowd. I did note that when Jake presented, his bow tie was crooked. Big no-no.
I agree--Ryan Phillipe is downright hot.