Wednesday, March 08, 2006

double take

so my last hair appointment left me looking like a Patricia Arquette look alike or as my husband likes to call me "Allison Dube" (pronouced doo-brough), as we are both faithful fans of her hit show Medium. it's an ongoing joke and i've taken to calling him "joe" as that's the husbands name on the show.

so i thought i would poke fun at myself and do up some pics and post them here. now my hair has since grown out quite a bit since my last appointment so my bangs aren't as short and my layers have grown out quite a bit, and the resemblance is there......except mabye my face is quite a bit fatter than hers....but hey i don't have the tools or techniques to slim myself down.....i'm also not very photogenic i'm afraid

so here's another one. this time i was trying to take the pic myself in my bathroom mirror....i was trying to get a good pic of the layers in my hair

and lastly

the best for last!

so what do ya think????

1 comment:

Bridget Jones said...

YAH I think the resemblance is there!! Nice to see you, Flea!!!