Thursday, March 02, 2006

AI - round two "the boys"

so here is another run down of american idol. god i'm such a t.v. junkie crackwhore! i luv it!!!!!

the top ten boys were a little better than the girls performances the night before but again i found myself quite often bored and there was no real strong standout except for Chris Dougherty who i think should be signed like "now" as he's that good but anyways onto the crap-ola of the evening.

1st up is David Radford, he's a young one and a crooner and last week he sucked and he sucked even more so this week. he just didn't have the sauve, charismatic charm to pull off singing a Frank Sinantra tune. he needs to step it up quite a lot if he hangs around for next weeks show (probably not...)

next up is Jose "Sway" Penata. at first i was like who the heck calls themselves Sway but the more i here it the more i like it....anyways i'm rambling. he crashed and burned and i think he was having a bad nite like he said but i really dunno if he's going to pull through this week as his performance was just the weak. not cool at all Jose!

and lastly the guy that i hate and cannot stand. god i'm so cruel but comon his performance was painful to watch and the fact that they showed and compared him to chicken little should state it all my friends. he does not belong here. but sadly i'm sure he'll pull through and get the sympathy vote yet again as for some reason people are actually digging him.

so my two guy picks to be sent home are David and Sway

that's my story and i'm sticking to it!!


Ben O. said...

This is totally strange, but I was commenting on your last post and when it came back it was this post.

Never happened to me yet.

I guess there is a first for everything.

Ben O.

flea said...

ben o - that is strange, i've never had that happen either!

Sadie Lou said...

Okay, here's the thing:

That Chicken Little guy really DOES look like Chicken Little, doesn't he? I couldn't believe the show did that to him. It was worse than when they sent him down to the Kitty Litter box to have his cheeks pinched by all those wretched girls! He stinks and I hope he's booted off soon before he actually thinks people LIKE him.

My favorites are the grey haired guy
and the guy we have dubbed "Goat Boy". He's the one that has those sticky-out ears and the funny teeth--not Bucky--the other one.

flea said...

sadie lou - omg i had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard!!!

he does look like a goat and i totally know who you mean ~ Elliott something and he is good i like him and taylor too and i so feel sorry for that guy and i think he does think pps like him. it's wrong on so many levels

Sadie Lou said...

*laughing* You nailed the ones that were gonna get booted off! How did you do that? I almost thought that you somehow saw the show before it aired! You got the bottom three right!
You rule!
Now all I need is your picks for the Oscars so I can beat my dad with my bets!

flea said...

sadie lou -ha ha ha i'm just gifted what can i say!! lol, na it's just pure luck and having good ears!

as for the oscars i have no clue, yet anyways i'll let you know after i read up on some stuff

Jimmy said...

"Sway" was AJ's name in Gone in 60 Seconds so it's always held a special place in my heart. Mmmmmmm, AJ! ;o)