Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar rundown

so what did everyone think of last nights big show?? personally i was v. dissappointed (but then aren't i always.....). the hour countdown before the show is supposed to be all about the fashion and the dresses. heck where is joan rivers when you need her. i was so bored. and what was up with all the flashes of past movies (i.e villans, romance, etc) hated it! i want the fashion people not this boring crap.

John Stewart in my opinion did an outstanding job, his jokes were dead on and he has impecable timing. a job well done my friend!

but what was up with that icky god awful set?? i felt like i had been sucked back in time to view a Lawrence Welk show. did not dig it.

also almost died laughing when Ben Stiller came out in a green leotard for best visual effects and then almost peed my pants laughing when good ole Dolly Parton came out strutting her stuff in an elvis nock off. could this womens boobs possibly be any bigger and why was she all alone on the stage?? she looked so small yet her chest is so huge, and again the stage was just so awful.

so over the course of the day i'm going to be breaking down my favorite dresses of the night and my worst pics, i may even decide to do something for the men as there were quite a few hotties floating around. so stay tuned!!

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Sadie Lou said...

Oh man! Hurry up with your pictures and everything. I can't wait for E! Fashion Police show! I listed some of my favorite dresses on my blog--see if you concur.