Friday, March 10, 2006

diet coke & wal-mart make me happy

i haven't had a diet coke in like forever so i had one today and now i can barely sit still. i'm so hyper and ready to just bounce off the walls. sadly, it is painfully quiet at the office today. no i take that back it has been a tomb in here all week long and the afternoons are just so long and boring that i think i'm really going to go quite mad. it doesn't help that i look at the clock every 5 seconds (i mean this too, mabye every 3 seconds) and it hasn't budged an inch. so i've got lot's of energy just not motovation to do anything (aka actual work, and i have stuff to do just don't wanna do it).

i wen't in to the brand new wal-mart at noon hour to pick up a couple of things that i had pre-planned to buy only to come out with a cart full of stuff that came to close to $90. like what the hell? everytime i'm in this damn store i see things that i need or want and i can never just buy one or two things. i had to pry my hands away from a new pair of pj's and a new pair of shoes. believe me the urge was very strong. i think the only thing that prevented me from buying the shoes was a lady with a cart full of screaming kids behind me. watching me. like how un-comfortable. do i have something on my face or my ass??? geesh. stare much. so i walked away from the shoe section in a hurry and next thing i knew i was eyeing these super cute pink pj's that just screamed "BUY ME" or "pick me! pick me!!" and after consulting my inner self i just walked away. but now i can't stop thinking about those damn shoes and the pink pj's. damn you wal-mart.

oh, and they have goldfish. lot's and lot's of goldfish. like how frickin cool is that?? and do you have any idea how badly i would love to go back there and purchase a huge tank and buy the whole damn lot of them??

can anyone refer me to a shop-a-holic help line?? i need help asap! or better yet a boycott like my one that i installed at mcdonald's like forever ago, but that never worked and seeings how i just ate there today. not good.

i'm a weak, weak person........sigh

~happy friday all~


Bridget Jones said...

Sweetie, I bought 5 bras today. Am just as bad as there a shopaholics anonymous....???

Wandering Coyote said...

I have a love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart, myself. Ugh! Thankfully, the one here in Vic is a bit of a trek for me on transit, so I've been shopping at a nearby Zellers instead - and I DETEST Zellers.