Tuesday, May 02, 2006

something interesting...

well not really but i snagged ya in didn't i??

probably not but that's ok

so i must honestly admit i haven't really had the blogger bug lately. have no interest to write or i should say i have "nothing" witty or funny to write about. i usually like to bitch here or whine but frankly that gets a little old rather quickly and usually just depresses me. my whole reasoning for blogging in the first place was to keep in contact with my cousins or relatives that live far away from me. at first it was great they all stopped by said "hi" left an update on their lives and what nots. bout a month or two later they were gone off into there own worlds again but i kept blogging as it was theraputic to me and i enjoyed it and gradually i made new friends and more of my "old" blogger friends quit blogging entirely (ahem jilly and andy) then i stumbled across some positively delicious gossip sites and that brings me to today. some days i just can't wait to read up on everyones lives and goings on's and other days (mostly of late) i just haven't had the energy or time. i don't think i will ever give up on my blog entirely i just may not post as often or at least until i snap out of whatever the heck i'm in. i think i'm suffering a dose of the "blues" or something i just haven't felt like myself lately. which could possibly be due to all the severe headaches i've had lately or just plain old depression which i hate to admit to myself but i just may have to go down that road again.

anyways nough of that depressing shit my main reason for coming here today (although i'm glad i got that off my back) was to post about something rather amuzing that i witnessed this morning.

where to begin this story...........

hmm well it's raining here today and on my drive to work i got to thinking that i'm not the type of girl that cares if i get my hair wet (it's just hair) so i got to thinking of all the prissy girls out there that just have the utmost kinniption if they get there hair wet so before i tell the story i should mention that yesterday the girl from downstairs (who work for a different company than i do but are in the same building) whom i sort of despise anyways as she flirts with an office hottie (one of many i might add) and it's sooooo obivious, anyways that's a whole other story for another day, so this chick comes upstairs and introduces this new "student" that will be working with them for a bit and i just knew that they would work there way down to flirt with office hottie and sure enough they did. what ensued was pretty much a continuous string of annoying giggles and every time this new girl would laugh i wanted to scream or poke my eyes out. such an air head and no she's not blonde she has this long dark curly (pretty sure it's a perm) hair. so anyways back to this morning and me silently making fun of chicks that put up there hoods or make a mad dash from the car to the office (shopping mall whatever) when all of a sudden in she comes on the run with her hood up! now isn't that just too weird? i think i'm psychic or something but i couldn't help chuckling to myself.

just had to share


Sadie Lou said...

I know just how you feel.
I used to take some college classes and there was always a 'cute guy' around, ya know?
I'm happily married so I'm not into flirting but I used to be an outrageous flirt back in the day (single days, that is) so I can recognize shameless flirting when I see it.
I was a pretty seasoned flirt too so BAD/OBVIOUS flirting bothers me.
So in my drama class was this guy. He was ultra cool and had that whole "messy-hair starving artist" look about him.
He got chosen to be a director for this one act play we were doing in class and he was going to hold auditions for his female lead.
I showed up for auditions and there was this girl who was dressed totally inappropriately for the role. She was being all lame and giggly (you know how they are!) and I had to laugh out loud when the cute director guy told her to "come back when she's serious about the part".
I just had to share that with you because I know exactly what you're talking about.
Good luck with those headaches and---shhhh (the depression).
Spring is here! Maybe you should get your toenails painted or put some sunless tanner on?
That always brightens my day.

flea said...

sadie - i know what you mean about the "d" word i shouldn't be it's spring but i just have low days like today and the past few ones that get me down. mabye will look into a pedicure or go to the tanning bed....hmm the possibilities!

* i will be doing a post at some point about all the hotties i work with. i like you am happily married but were not dead and we can still appreciate the cuteness! and there is nothing wrong with a little flirting but this stuff was way beyond that. anyhoo glad you could relate with me :0)

Jimmy said...

I think it's hilarious when women take it to the extreme. Happened to me just yesterday (for like the 100th time). The accounting chica here went out of her way (walked across the building) to talk to me about some item in the refrigerator. She then proceeded to openly flirt with for about 45 minutes. I was trapped and the only thing I could think of to say was “Christie, are you flirting with me???” and I followed it up with big smile. Mean? Probably…but I had to get back to work. I mean, she’s attractive and all but “fishing off the company pier” is dangerous.

My (female) boss had heard the entire conversation from her office and came over after…we shamelessly laughed.

flea said...

jimmy - ha ha that is sooo mean but sometimes u just can't help it ~ you lil devil you!

but your right the whole in-office flirting thing or in office relationships is just an accident waiting to happen

Sadie Lou said...

Oh, I completely agree. There is nothing wrong with admiring the *view but to take it to inappropriate levels, especially at work, is just plain tacky.
If I were a boss, I'd tell those flirty girls to get job bartending but to stop wasting my time to get paid to scam on hotties.

*hot men.

Wandering Coyote said...

aha - you're back. I knew you would be. Maybe I'm psychic, too. ;)

flea said...

wc- lol mabye we should start up our own psychic hotline?

Aila said...

It's been a very long time since I've read any blogs, let alone write in my own. Just stopped in today wanted to send off a hello before I blog myself. "hello"

flea said...

aila - hello to you too it has been awhile fer sure, i'll pop over in a bit and see what's new with you

Bridget Jones said...

just popping in to say hi. Arm is a mess and can't type much...don't get me started on 'd' guys. Always used to laugh right in their faces even in high school. ewwwwwwww.