Friday, May 19, 2006

O.C. Shocker

wow, i'm speechless after last night's episode, like i knew that there had been rumours going around that Mischa Barton (below) wanted to leave the show but like OMG!

i'm sorry for anyone who hasn't seen the show yet so major SPOILER alert ahead

so the show was all about the gangs (the gang consists of Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa) graduation, lot's of laughs, lot's of reflections on what all they have been thru and it was very upbeat and happy, so i knew that something fishy was going to happen but man did they ever pull one over

so at the very end Marissa is going to leave Newport to go live with her dad for a year and travel around on a sailing boat thru the greek islands and everyone has said there good byes and her and Ryan are going to the airport, the reason behind this is because Marissa was the first person Ryan saw when he arrived in Newport and Marissa wanted him to be the last person she saw as she was leaving Newport....make sennse? probably not. anyways.

so they are headed for the airport driving along when Volcheck (marissa's ex) rams them from behind in a van (he had been drinking and wen't all pyscho after he lost marissa) and is trying to run them off the road for them to pull over, eventually they come apon this construction site and end up being "rammed" off the road over an embankment going end over end (my mouth at this point is hanging wide open) and then land upside down on a road below where they were a second ago. Ryan wakes up bout a minute after and breaks the window to get out, goes around the car and tries to wake Marissa up which doesn't happen, he then notices that the fuel line is leaking and sparking flames so he pulls her out (right before it explodes of course) and is carrying here away from the car (which i forgot to mention was a gift from his "real" mom), and if your a true O.C. fan you knew that they were mirrioring the eposode where Marissa OD'd in Mexico and Ryan had to carry here back to the hotel.....anyways i'm so sidetracked right now...

back to the current show and he's carrying her and stops ~ i should note that the makeup crew did one hell of a job as she truly looked like she had been in a car crash, she was bleeding from the head, pasty white complexion and she was just so limp and she kinda comes too and sees Ryan and he's like "i gotta get help" and she's like "no, stay.....stay" and she's coming in and out of conceiousness and she's actually gurgling, you know how people just sound when they die and i'm like NO! omg no! and then they get playing that stuipid halleluja (which always makes me cry) and flash back to when Ryan first arrived in Newport and see's marissa standing at the curb as him & sandy drive by then they flash back (still playing that damn song, the tears are rolling now....) and she comes to one last time and then that's it she's gone and then they flash back one more time and show her standing on the curb with the sun setting behind her and ryan is looking back at her and SHE'S SO DEAD! like omg i can't belive they just did THAT and it ended just. like. that. like wtf!?


and i was so upset by all of this last night (and obiviousily today) and it's just a stupid show but it really bothered me. mabye it was the whole car accident thing and i think it just reminded me of Lisa (who died in a car crash) or something but i was really, really and still am upset.

or mabye it's just cause it's that time of the month

my husband refuses to believe that she is dead, he thinks it's all a plot to snag people in to watch next season but from what i've read online today it sounds legit

so what are they going to do next season? follow Catlin around? whom i do not like at all. all the other people in the show are going off to college.......

i just don't know what else to say i guess and i'll leave it at that. i just needed to rant someplace as i'm so shocked

anyways, peace out :)


Sadie Lou said...

I hate when cool shows kill off main characters. I'm a huge fan of LOST and I just know that the two hour finale is going to have more dead stars.
I know it!
They better not kill Sawyer!
(do you watch LOST?)
Trust me, she's dead.

flea said...

sadie - yes i watch LOST and i too would hurt someone should they kill Sawyer (he's my fav) and i'm sure someone will be booted off

it's just wrong on so many levels aren't t.v. shows supposed to end on a happy note????

Sadie Lou said...

You know what I wish? I wish I had TiVo. I'm so pissed that I don't have the money to get one right now. I don't want to download shows for 2$ off iTunes anymore!

I also wish that TV series would end after like three seasons. If I want to start watching 24, I have to go back and rent season 1 and then there's like a million more seasons.
What happened to fading away gracefully?

flea said...

sadie - exactly! i've always heard about 24 just can't jump into it many seasons has it been on like 4-5?? but it looks so good but i have no clue what's going on or who anyone is....

Bridget Jones said...

I'm with you and Sadie L. Holy frick.

Remember Dallas? It was just a dream? Hold onto that one.

Kleokatra said...

That is so horrible! I missed that episode, what a bummer. I didn't really like Marissa though, so it is not that much of a bummer, I am just sorry that it brought up some bad memories.
Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? Their season finale made me ball my eyes out, and I wasn't on my period. It was great and horrible all in one.

scrunch said...

I'm one of those who missed all of LOST, (my daughter calls it 'Screwed')...I can't watch a series unless I've seen it from the beginning!

Series would most like to own?? 'Profiler', oh, and The Muppet Show!

Worthless piece of tv?? 'The new adventures of old christine', television stupidity redefined...

flea said...

kleo - i wasn't big on marissa lately either but it's still quite a shocker to take her out that way. i also watch Grey's and yes i balled my eyes out too i can't he died after all that and poor izzie (my favorite), so sad and it was a great episode

scrunch - you need to rent the 1st season on DVD and pronto you'll get caught up in no time ~ trust me you are so missing out on a great, great t.v. show

i too loved the profiler and would so purchase it on DVD....should go scope out amazon