Monday, January 08, 2007

i have been challenged

yes my friends it is offical, i have signed up here at the office for.....

are ya ready


and the topper of this cake is that not only did i sign up but i'm my teams team leader. which is really almost sort of comical but i'm hoping to turn it around and really focus on the task at hand.


but no really, i'm taking this very seriousily, honest and it's not really about losing the weight (well sort of) but more importantly living my life healthy and choosing healthy "food" choices, which i so do not do right now

so today is day 1

we have weighed and measured our selves and honestly i'm ok with what i way, which really scared the bee jebus out of me but i know what i have to do and by all that is holy i am going to do it.

yes my friends i have sworn myself off of mcdonald's

sob :(

but it had to be done

next step in the works is to actually cut french fries entirely from the diet but that one is going to be ruff , but i shall try, or at least only have them once a week

and i'm taking this all in stride, i'm going to try to exercise 4-5 times thru the week and i'm even contemplaiting purchasing one of thos pedometer counter thingies

so bring it on team 2, bring it on!!!

p.s. god i hope i can stick with this for the 3 months........


Anonymous said...

no french fries?!! Say it isn't so! I love me some potatoes cooked any which way. But I have cut them out too, and it is hard!

Good Luck1

Anonymous said...

Flea, I love your pic. the little fairy. Have always been chubby, but body was firm, and my clothing hid lots of stuff, but now am over 50 and fighting the sags and bags, and type 2 diabetics. So you are young, better that you committ to it now than to wait another 20 years. And time has a way of sneaking up on folks. Best of luck to you. Pasta & Bread and Butter are my downfalls. Good Luck:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I think it's extremely cool that you've signed up. Good luck!

flea said...

beth - i know! i must be ill or something, but sadly they have got to go, mabye not entirely, but mostly as they are so bad but so tasty!

anonymous - that's some pretty good advice, and i appreciate you giving it to me, as it's all true, it's good to concur it when young

molicious - why thank you! i hope i can stick too it

Sadie Lou said...

Hey! I missed you! I missed your blog posts too. This one was so freakin' awesome because I have been feeling like a fatso these last couple of months. I vow to lose weight too...just, please, please don't take my McDonalds!

flea said...

sadie lou!! oh my gosh i have missed you too! pls say you are back in the blog world fold?? glad to have u back either way! how was your holidays?

Ben O. said...

6 months is a pretty long time - you can do it!

Good luck and keep us posted - Ben O.

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey Flea, good for you. I just stepped on the scale at the gym on Monday and it was totally depressing. But, like you, I've made a commitment to do something about the weight and lifestyle choices, so good luck to us both!!

Sadie Lou said...

It's good to be back. Our holidays were busy but fun, thanks for askin'. I'm gonna try to stick around and keep updated because I kind of miss everyone. Blogging has become more of a community-thing than a writing thing--ya know?