Monday, January 15, 2007

i've been tagged

by Sadie Lou, mind you it's a little late, but better late than never......

3 things I got this (past) year for Christmas:

my fav gift hands down was from the hubs, and it's my pink, yes pink, razor cell phone *luv's it! will eventually take a pic of me with it and show u all, HEE!!

hubs did well this year as he also bought me a perfect, dainty, silver dressy watch for me, that even has some bling bling on it, or fake bling bling, but whatever it's still sparklie and suits me to a tee

and lastly my mommy bought me a really nice sheet set that matches my bedroom perfectly, and who can't use a nice sheet set?

honorable mentions: Stephen King's latest book (Lisey's Story), thanks Auntie Sharol!, really cool sweater from Old Navy from my mother in law, which i was surprized as she usually gets me really fugly stuff that i end up giving away....but shhh don't tell the hubby....., a whole box filled with Dessert makeup - lotions from my sissy, so i smell super sweet, and a bunch of other stuff that i can't remember

3 things to not buy me next year:

this is actually sort of hard....

umm note to mother in law, please do not buy me clothes from Northern Reflections ever again! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
photo albums, i have enough already!
cook books, ok i take the hint i should learn to cook but really lay off

so that's that

oh yeah and 3 pps i want to spread the joy too:

Nancy Drew
Ben O

or who ever feels like it :P

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