Wednesday, January 03, 2007

say IT is SO!



please someone out their in blog land back up perez hilton and tell me it is true that JT & that whore (not really, i do like her but just not with him) Cameron Diaz!!

like holy friggin shit i think i just creamed my panties !!!!!!!!!

now he can totally save brit brit and they can live happily ever after as they are so ment to be together, you know what they say about first loves and they totally were!!!


you know i probably should be ashamed of myself right now but i'm soooo not! one would think i was like 12 years old, sadly that isn't the case......


Anonymous said...

Dude, them getting back together would be the biggest thing EVAH.

flea said...

oooh i know!



Miss 1999 said...

You know, I'm really sad to say, I don't know who that is *knows I'm so far out of it, that it isn't funny *LOL*

Anonymous said...

I found you over at Chel's...

I SOOOO want them to get back together!!!! How freakin fantastic would that be? OMG!!! I like Cameron, just not with JT>>he's too young and fine to be wasted on her goofy ass!!

Anonymous said...

im confused...whats going on??

flea said...

miss 1999 - really you don't know justin timberlake? aka JT? that surprizes me but it doesn't mean your out of it, just that you aren't a crazy tabloid/blog/crazy biatch like myself :)

beth - thanks for dropping by & leaving a line, i love when new pps visit, and trust me i so KNOW! i'm totally glad they split, now she can find someone her own age, not that there's anything wrong with dating younger men just not JT

anoymous - umm to sum it up justing timberlake dumped cameron diaz