Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globe fashion run down

will start off with none other than the "bad" or "wurst" of the evening

honorable mentions go to: Vanessa Williams, Gillian Anderson, Jennifer Love Hewitt

who better to start off with than the diva herself, miss Beyonce, now not only is she really striking quite the "diva" pose here, and thinking that she is really working this gold dress, which of course hugs all her bootylicious curves, which normally would be a good thing but sadly this shiny gold number really doesn't do it for her, and neither does the tacky, icky blonde hair extensions, she looks like a fake plastic doll or something, it's just wrong on so many levels, sorry B but you get an F on this one

next up is recently dumped Cameron Diaz, oh boy, where to start here and be nice about it......hate the dark hair, it really needs to go, go back to your happy perky blonde days, and the dress, oh boy the dress, girl one would think where you were attending an awards show where your ex is going to be at, you would want to look amazing and make him green with envy, unfortunately for you i think u just confirmed why justin just dumped your ass....to many ruffles, the color is whore-en-dous, and yeah, it's just all around nasty

next up is nicolette sheridan from the not so much hit show (at least not for me, i haven't watched once this year...) Desperate Housewives, and that's about what she is Desperate, with a capitol D. she never, ever chooses a gown that i say, wow, she looks really amazing or better yet at least current and hip and in this decade, when was the last time a mermaid skirt was cool? the 80s?? ick i hate this dress so badly! time to move on

now i really wanted to give patricia arquette the benefit of the doubt, i love her show and i love her (she's a great actress and she's proud of her "normal" curvy figure) so i wasn't go to be all harsh on her ass, but frankly she deserves it. like what the hell. what's up with the black bra like top, and the icky, dull grey color, or better yet why if you know that you are curvy would you pick such an un-flattering dress? and to top all that off, her hair is well nasty to say the least, sorry girl but you could have done, way ,way better and where's your cute adorable hubby??

and lastly, i can't remember this girls name but i think she stares in the movie babel, if that tells you anything. but i just couldn't resist this, i mean she had to know that she would be put on several worst lists by chossing this, or perhaps that's what she was going for.....better to be on that than fall into the just "meh" category and be totally forgetten. overall i like the soft purple color but it stops there, the floating balls, the black shoulders and her bleach blonde hair really washes her out, in fact i almost feel somewhat sorry for her, but she had to know before she left her house what she looked like, so i don't, you my dear are by far the wurst dressed of the night, even beating out over the top beyonce in her golden shiny number


Anonymous said...

Beyonce looked like one of those wax figures to me. Must be that strange pose she was in.

flea said...

mo - i know!! she definetely does not look human, SCARY!

Anonymous said...

I hated Beyonce! YUK! she needs to get over herself, Pronto!

And poor Patricia...she needs a stylist badly...she always looks such a mess.

Who did you think was the best? I like Drew, and of course St. Angelina.....

Miss 1999 said...

*LMAO* Girl, this was too good! I'm telling you, I didn't watch the GG's last night, and honestly, I think I might've gotten a great comic relief if I had!

luckysevn said...

Nice rundown!!! Especially for those of us who have to go to bed before 8pm and miss all the festivities!
I can't stand Beyonce's fashion sense... everything she wears to these award shows is always one of her mom's "House of Dereon" designs and they're always SOOOO tacky!!! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Patricia Arquette's dress is horrible! What was she thinking???

flea said...

beth - i know! they are both so nasty!!! i was going to do a fav's post but don't think i have time...so i'll go with Katherine Heigl from Grey's fer sure, i wasn't totally sold on Angelina's gown even though she still looked stunning (i don't think she would ever not look stunning), and i did like Drew's as well....

miss 1999 - haha i didn't actually watch the shows either, i ususally just watch the red carpet

luckysevn - couldn't agree more on B's fashion sense, although sometimes she does surprize me, glad u enjoyed the run down

blazer1234 - good question, i don't think she was or better yet i don't think she really cares, she doesn't strike me as that type to get all worked up over a dress or get all glamed up, she's more about the acting (which she is really great at) but still would be nice if she would make somewhat of an effort

Sadie Lou said...

I'm with Mo, Beyonce looked plastic or waxy. Her boobs did not look fleshy or sexy in any way. I agree with all your choices.
Here are my pics for the best dressed:
Marky mark--Rarararw!
Evangeline Lilly
Drew Barrymore
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Patrick Dempsy

what were your bests?