Saturday, January 20, 2007

when i was growing up...

a little trip down memory lane......

~one of my favorite shows to watch was Reading Rainbow
~other favorites consisted of Seasme Street, Mr. Dress Up, and Sharon, Lois and Bram
~Ernie was initally my favorite character on Seasme Street and i did a mean impression of his laugh
~ other favorites: snuffy, grover, oscar and of course cookie monster
~my first pet (that i remember) was Sassy (my poodle) and she was my dog, i loved her more than anything
~i had a popple
~ i also had a pound puppy
~i loved to go visit my grandmother after school, she would usually fed me donuts and we would watch All my children, or do word search puzzles
~my first recollection of having a crush was in the 4th grade, i liked him for years afterwords to no avail
~i was terribly shy and quiet until junior high
~i once sang "i think were alone now" with three other girls in front of the entire class
~my favorite group was New Kids on the Block (jordan was my fav)
~ i have lots of memories of my sister and I and other various local kids (mostly neighbors) playing house, in the cluster of woods beside our house
~ i idolized my sister, she was the one i ran to if something wen't wrong at school
~ i remember lot's of camping trips with the family, and how i got stuck sleeping on the inside (by the tarp "fake" wall) of the bed in that old camper of ours (thanks sissy! :P)
~ i knew the Phantom of the Opera by heart
~ i was in brownies and girl guides
~ i played basketball but wasn't really all that into it, just did it becuz my sister and everyone else in the fam dam did, that, and it was the only sport our school offered besides badmintion and honestly who would submit themselves to that....sadly i did for like 1 year in the 7th grade... ~ i lost a tooth by eating a crunchy/burnt french fry
~ i once, during a winter storm (not sure why) stuck my tongue to the outside front door, and of course it froze to it, needless to say momentary panic ensued, but i did eventually break free without too much damage
~ i thought that chucky lived in my closet
~ i also thought that my toys/teddy bars came to life at night time
~ i also thought that during a full moon i would invision a person's eye filling that moon as if peering in on us from another world...i had a vivid imagination....
~ i had a skip it, it was blue
~ i never dared/could do a kart wheel, my one attempt to do so almost resulted in me breaking my wrist, i never tried again
~ my dad was my hero
~ i remember one time he came to pick me up at school during recess for something (prob a dentist appt) and i was so embarassed as it was just wrong for him to be there with my friends watching, those two worlds should never collide! (at least that's what i thought)
~ i was quite a sick kid really, with my asthma and allergies, thankfully i don't remember most of it but i do remember my allergy test (excruciating) and getting lots of aerosol treatments
~ i loved the noon hour sock hops
~ my first encounter with Stephen King was in the 5th grade, our homeroom teacher read us "the eyes of the dragon", i was mesmerized
~ oh how i hated math classes
~ i almost failed a couple of times actually, but due to it being a small school i think they just pushed me thru out of the goodness of there heart
~ strangely enough i enjoyed biology
~ i got to discet a cow's eye in this class (so Awsome!)
~ i had a crush on my older cousin (i know so lame and grose but as if anything would ever come of it) but everyone else in the school did too, and i tend to be a follower sometimes....
~ at his graduation i asked him to save a "slow" dance for me in front of all my friends (thinking i was so cool!) and he said yes, sadly, he left and never gave me my 4/5 minutes of fame to rub it in to all my friends :( i was morified and left crying
~ another favorite t.v. show in my tweens/teens was full house and saved by the bell, i think i saw every episode and i loved Zack (still do)
~ i had paula abdul's "straight up now tell me" CD
~ i also loved, loved Millie Vinillie's "girl u know it's true" song before the big scandal
~ i used to tape songs from the radio all the time
~ i played my nintendo all the time, espically my little mermaid game. i so kicked ass in this game!!!!
~ i had a my child doll, remember those? sort of a much fanicer version of a cabbage patch doll, and i loved her more than life it's self
~ i had a jordan knight poster on my ceiling so every night he would be the last thing i saw
~ i also had a really cool poster showing the top of the ocean and then the under neath, with all the fishy's & dolphins, this thing was huge (floor to ceiling) and i loved to stare into it
~ i had a teddy bar called carmel, and his girlfirend was jilly's bear lilly
~ i remember one time both jill and i had strep throat and we were at her mom's house, both sicker than dogs and sharol making chicken noodle soup (my fav), unfortunately, it didn't stay down and i didn't make it to the bathroom in time
~ one of my first memories of seeing a movie in theater was going to see Robin Hood (with Kevin Coster), i loved this movie and was sooo in love with Christian Slater
~ i remember packing a suit case and wanting to run away (dont remember why now) and making it clear down the road before my sister came and got me, i was bound and determined to go somewhere
~ we (sissy & jilly) used to make up dance routines and perform them on the lawn
~ we (sissy & jilly) also used to cut our barbies hair and style it with gel/moose along with designing them cool outfits that we made from cutting up old nylon stockings and any other fabric we could find


Beth said...

these were great!!! How sweet that your dad was your hero!

I also taped songs from the radio...trying so hard not to get the dj or commercials...

flea said...

beth -aww thanks, it was a work in progress...and my dad still is, he would do anything for both me and my sister, he's something else and pretty special, course my mom is too

Nelly said...

Thanks for coming to visit! Yay!! New readers! Love it! Adding you to my blogroll so I can remember to visit!

flea said...

nelly - yw and i will do the same!

flea said...

nelly - yw and i will do the same!

Anonymous said...

Hey hez, I think that I just smiled my way through that entire post. Some pretty awesome memories, that, of course, we share. Almost got a little teary. I actually think that we made you sleep on the inside of the sleep bench because you were little and so you wouldn't fall out (plus it was easier for you to crawl over me than vice versa). YOu forgot to mention all of the fantastic tunnels we used to build in the snow banks, the sledding and the time I broke a huge ball of ice over wayne chapman's head because he was bugging you on the way home. I just remembered that....
miss you.

Wandering Coyote said...

Great list! We have a lot in common, actually. But what the heck is a popple???

flea said...

sissy - omg i totally forgot about that! i now cannot stop laughing & believe i forgot this...miss u too :)

wc - lol, a popple is a teddy bear of sorts except he could fold up into a ball, i'll google it and see if i can find a pic for you

Songbird said...

That was a heartwarming post, Flea! Smiling all over just reading it....