Wednesday, April 05, 2006

reality t.v. fix for the week

so last night was country night on American Idol. god how i dislike country music and why do they have to torture us all with these stupid music nights? it's plainly obivious that Simon hates these song nights as well, so why do them?


needless to say the show was very boring and such a snooze fest. nobody stood out for me (well mabye Catherine) but i'm biased as she is my fav if i had to pick someone. i wasn't impressed with Taylor's performance at all, seemed to me that he just didn't care or mabye it's that this show has sucked the life right out of him....who knows? anyways, here are my bottom three pics from last nights show:

miss Mandisa, we all know this girl can sing there's now doubt about that but her rendition of a Shania Twain song was just hard on the ears, way to much over singing and what the heck was up with her outfit. ~shudders~ one word here nasty. i'm going to be very mean here but big people should never, ever wear horizantal stripes and was that made out of crochet? god it was just ugly and man are her legs ever huge! still though she'll be around awhile yet, i just didn't dig her performance at all.

next up is hottie mcnaughty, god he's so drool worthy but he ruins everything as soon as he starts singing and god eww touching himself in very provacative manners. and what's up with that stare into the camera. tres creepy. his song choice last night was a major snooze fest and again he probably has a fan base but he has been in the bottom three once or twice before so you never know

and lastly the buckster my hubby luv's this guy for some reason but in my opinion he's like a C- performer. you can hardly make out a word he says half the time as he mumbles so badly, but you know when he goes kinda raspy (like at the end of the song) he doesn't sound that bad. still though his creepy looks and stringy hair need to go, he's so not good enough to be at this stage of the competition

so there you have it as to who goes home.......hard to say and very un-predictable as there are a few people (Elliott) being one of them that just doesn't have a fan base but in my eyes i feel that Bucky deserves to be booted off.

should be interesting tonight fer sure

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now onto one of my other fav new shows on Canada's Music Station ~ Much Music.

the VJ search! were down to the final four contestants and it's up to us the loyal viewer to chose the next much music vj. my pick for the win should be Sean. i love his energy and his personality. when the show first began i almost couldn't stand him (he is gay and proud of it) but as the show progressed he toned it down at appropriate times and he's just such a riot to watch and he toally makes this show. for anyone that hasn't watched this show the finale is on next monday (April 10th), i think it's on at 8:00 PM eastern time, but not 100% sure.

here's some info on my pick to win!

Sean thinks MuchMusic needs more sass and attitude and he plans to be the one to provide it. The Regina native has tons of pop culture knowledge, is a diehard Cher fan, and has a style that is constantly evolving. One of his goals is to be fabulously wealthy, at almost any cost.

go here now to vote for Sean to be the next Much Music VJ!
select the vote now button and then click on Seans's pic
(like the one here to the left) and that's that!!!

so please take a second and throw a vote his way he deserves to win this thing ~ seriousily

that's all she wrote for today folks ~ i'm outta here


Wandering Coyote said...

I can't watch TV because I go to bed so early! I don't think I'm missing much, though.

No VJ will ever be as good as George!

flea said...

wc - you are so true and i miss george so badly but sean's pretty cool and i think he would bring something fun & new to the network....and your missing out on some good t.v.