Friday, April 07, 2006

brain fried

i dunno if it's due to when i used to smoke quite a bit of weed or being overtired but lately i've been coming out with some really dumb jessica simpson like remarks or just doing totally off the wall things.

some examples

i got groceries like any other time and my husband had put in a special request for me to pick up hamburger buns and tuna fish (which is so grose but anyways). so i did, i picked up a 12 pack of buns and a shit load of tuna as it was on sale (i think 12 for something or other so i got 12 cans) anyways making a long story short i get home and i'm unloading the groceries (with his help of course) and he's like "why did you only get 12 buns" and i respond god this is horrible "well there's 12 cans of tuna!" and he just looks at me and i just stare at him blankly and he's like you think 1 can goes into 1 bun, that would be one hell of a sandwhich and sadly i'm still not really cluing in and then it hits me and i'm all mad and now he WILL not let me live this one down. 12 buns and 12 cans!!! ha ha ha

the next instance was at work

we had a big company meeting today and ordered in pizza for everyone, plates were set out and we all get our food go eat and like a "good" employee i was going to load up my dishes into the dishwasher. meanwhile everyone is standing around the kitchen and the counters are all full so i open the dishwasher peek in and see a shit load of dishes not really looking at them so i load in my plate and close it up when one of the guys there is like you know those are clean dishes in there don't you?? umm no, so then i get totally red and take out my plate and i try to brush it off by blaming it on being blonde

another instance at work

everyone was ordering food from murray's esso which is just down the road from us and i didn't want to get fries and everyone else is getting clubs and BLT's. well i don't eat that stuff and i had no clue as to what is in a BLT so i just so happen to blurb that out and everyone looks at me like huh? how could you not know that it's bacon, lettuce and tomato! well like i said i've never eaten one! omg how could i not know that??? did i just blank that out in my 25 years on this earth.......

i also get halfway thru something and then all of a sudden i'm like "what??"

i also will sometimes just sit and totally drift away and stare into space for various minutes at a time, like totally out there, i go numb and everything and i come to and i'm again like "what"

sadly i just totally lost my train of thought guess that's a wrap today ~ happy friday


Bridget Jones said...

Next time tell them you're preggers, cry and call them insensitive....

Sadie Lou said...

You poor girl.
I also had to ask, did you buy 12 cans of Chunk Light Tuna?
go look at the cans you bought and tell me what kind it is.
If the cans don't say Solid White Albacore
then you are in for some pretty nasty tuna sandwiches.
Don't worry though, I bought the goss cans of tuna for a long time before I finally asked my mom, "why do my tuna sandwiches NOT taste like yours?"
Then she told me the difference.

flea said...

bridg - ha ha that's a good one will have to store that one and use it!

sadie - i DO buy the chunk light stuff but i don't eat it, will have to check for this other stuff the next time and see if my hubby tastes the difference

Wandering Coyote said...

Gee, flea, you're sounding a lot like me these days.

Tired, are you?

Kleokatra said...

Flea, that is not as bad as me this weekend. Bry was teasing me, because I was teasing him about his underwear (the mouth of guy on them was at an inappropriate spot) and he said "you have dickfore on your forehead." I said "what's a dickfore?" he laughed for about 20 minutes before I got the joke. nice. :)

flea said...

kleo - omg that took me at least 2 minutes to get that! i'm beginning to be afraid for myself.......

v. funny though thanks for sharing! hope u are doing ok?