Thursday, April 20, 2006


have been sort of busy/hectic at work lately or just at a lack of words to do up a post

things have just been sort of ~humph~ lately, not really happy, sad, glad, mad whatever just meh

the weather has been really shitty here all week but on the positive side i think we are in for a nice warm weekend ~bring on the sun baby!

i'm hoping that we can a) get our grass planted b) get the yard cleaned up and c) start preparing to make flower beds ~i'm so exited just thinking of it!!! cannot wait

ever since this past weekends dance~ca~pade i've been sort of lame (mostly my bum knee) and not quite the same since, of course this could be due to all this rain too as i'm sure i now have arthritus in this said least this is what i prefer to tell myself instead of re-injuring myself dancing like a stripper........

sadly my sissy is heading back to the glory land of Ontario tomorrow morning :( i can't believe how quickly the time has gone since she has been home

belly dancing class was a riot last night we had to bring our "veils" and learn to dance with them, mine is a pretty turquoise blue/green. could. not. stop. laughing. and i cannot do the turns due to said poor sad patheic knee & i'm just not coodinated enough. will be very sad when our six weeks is up.

there are major things happening at work "behind" closed doors and i always hate how this happens and you know the shit is going to fly but you have no clue as to what or whom they are discussing. this drives me crazy!

been having a lot, LOT of bad headaches lately. i know a lot of it is pertaining to my allergies and sinuses but last nights was getting to be pretty bad like almost borderline migraine bad and it's still sort of there today. do not know the reason as to why i'm having a lot of headaches but i know i need to de-stress and push out the bad vibes but that's easier said than done

can you frickin believe american idol? i'm so disgusted that i've decided to dis-continue writing up my 3 bottom pics to go home. kellie pickler does not, NOT belong in this stage of the competition. the girl cannot sing at all and she's purely there because of her sad (sob) story, her quirky/ditzy personality and becuase she's cute as a button. it makes me sick. she should have at least been in the bottom 3 last night for sure for totally, totally butchering her song and she knew it! but she's all like "i'm sorry" in that twangy twan voice of hers ~shudders~ i cannot stand this girl!

anyways moving on i'm feeling quite flushed with the anger over kellie stupid pickler

totally just lost my train of thought as i keep getting interupted by co-workers who just want to chit chat before 5! like go away i'm trying to type here people.......


well tomorrow is another day


Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, you guys get such long winters out there, I'm not surprised you're feeling meh. I see on the news your weather is sucking, but don't worry, you'll see the sun again soon. And it seems like you're finding joy in the midst of all this with your belly dancing class. That's great!

Do you get headaches when the barometric pressure changes? I do sometimes; just a thought.

Sadie Lou said...

I am so bummed that Kelli didn't go home. I am not a huge Ace fan. In fact, I'm not even a little Ace fan but he was MUCH better than Kelli. She is getting by on her stupid act.
I like Elliot the most now. I still LOVE Taylor and I'll be stoked if he wins but I just think Elliot has the best voice.
Speaking of A.I. I'm thinking of buying a Kelly Clarkson cd. Do you own one?

Bridget Jones said...

I am so sorry re the allergies sweetie--everyone's having a hard time with them this year. Glad you're having such fun with the belly dancing classes. Can you sign up for a new session?

Sorry your sis is leaving...there's always e mail tho it's not the same thing.

I get headaches too when it's stormy. It's those #@@%^ sinuses.

if you can take it, dristan helps.

flea said...

wc - actually we have had an amazing winter this year and have had no snow since like late february, we've just been bombarded with rain. and yes my headaches usually occur with a difference in the barometer

sadie lou - defientely pick up Kelly's CD it is awsome! i don't have her new one (yet) but her last one was really, really good i liked every song

bridg - i'm hoping the lady will run another 6 wk class it seems like they have enough interest so i am crossing my fingers, if not i have dvd to do it at home but it's not quite the same

Sadie Lou said...

Maybe I'll just get them both?
I like Pink's new album. Some her lyrics on like two or three songs are explicit but she has a great voice.
Do you like Pink?

flea said...

sadie - yes! i love, love love love pink i think she rocks and i luv her tone of voice very raspy and absoletely amazing i so want to get her new disk

Laurie said...

Yeah, I can't complain about Michigan weather, eh? ;-)

I would love to take a belly dancing class - I'll bet that is a lot of fun (not to mention great excercise!)

You'll feel better when the sun comes out and you're digging in the earth... :-)

flea said...

laurie - you should (you would luv it!)look into belly dancing classes it is a lot of fun and you can definetely feel it work muscles you don't normally use on a daily basis

the sun is out today and i can't wait to get digging!