Monday, April 17, 2006

dreary, weary easter monday

so. not. fair.

having to work on easter monday :(

damn all of you gov't employees all to hell!!!!!


i'm kidding (not really) but still it's so not fair!

anyways 'nough bout that depressing shit

onto other fab things happening

so my cutie pie Sean didn't win the Much VJ search :(

he lost out to Tim, whom i really feel did not, NOT deserve to win but whatever

cause the really, really GREAT news is that Sean has recently been signed onto STAR! which is a sister station to CHUM who in turn owns Much Music! He will be a fashion corespondant! WAY TO GO SEAN!! you so deserve it and you just go on with your fabulous self!

can't think of anything else up lifting or positive today. v. dark dreay day here in the maritimes and i so just want to curl up under the warm cozy covers of my bed. but no. i have to hall my still sorry hung over ass (partied it up at the B&G with the girls Sat nite) here to work and sit here and try to be perky and all that jazz and it's just not happening today my friends. oh well only 1 hr to go.

man did we ever, EVER have a rockin time on saturday nite! was feelin no pain and i don't think i have ever dance so much or so hard in my life. my ass and sides still hurt so i must've been bustin a move out fer sure. was so much fun. definetely need to do shit like that more often.

anyways that the latest and greatest


Bridget Jones said...

Poor Flea! Hung over AND working ouchie! But hey your butt and thighs will be smaller and in shape from all the dancing.

Glad you had a great time too. Dummy here spent the whole weekend cleaning and doing chores. But was very happy about it too. I must be quite!

flea said...

bridg - i'm still stiff & sore today! too funny, ah well all in good fun

i cleaned all day friday so saturday was my fun day

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey, I lived it up on Sat. night too - by staying up till 10:30! You know how long it's been since I've done that? I don't care to say...

Yeah, why do some lucky people get Easter Monday off yet the rest of us poor schmos don't. Like you said, so not fair.

flea said...

wc - i don't know but i think we should start one of those lists or something to put a ban on working Easter Monday's.......

don't cha think??

lol (i wish)