Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Academy Awards - Red Carpet Rundown - "The Bad"

ok, so I'm a bit rusty and I didn't actually watch any of the awards (I have an excuse I was working) but I just can't help but go through my pics of the nights worst and best dressed. so here are a few of the bad

not sure where to begin with this...I mean I hate to diss her she's a legend and all but comon! This is so something straight from the early 80's. When I watched the video back of her presenting I thought she had on sparkly gloves but it's apparently sleeves as obviously seen here, and the puffy cloud mess at the bottom is horrendous! and the color looks like baby puke, not that I've seen much baby puke but that's what it is. awful just awful. but hell if I look as good as her at her age...gotta give her some credit

oh Amy Adams, I love red but somehow when I look at you I think of spiderman? perhaps it's the weird black webbing around your bosom? not exactly sure but that's what comes to mind. Love the necklace but again not with this dress! there is just too much going on with the webbing and the piece that is pulled up and pinned to your breasts! do you have small chest syndrome like me? I have no other reason why a designer would do this to you

this is Amanda something or other, who stared in Mama Mia! this girl is as cute as a button, but this dress makes her look like a Christmas present. not. a. good. thing. bad shoes, bad necklace and BIG bow. yuck!

I think this is Melissa George (dunno who or what she has been in), and the only reason I put this here is because I cannot stand mermaid gowns! and why do they always appear? every year like a bad habit. all tight and snug fitting up top and then a big pile of fluff at the bottom, it just doesn't look right to me

and lastly we have Justin Timberlake's GF Jessica Biel. I've filed this under the category of What the Hell! again I think the designer didn't know quite what to do with the extra bit of fabric. Should I go over the shoulder...or no why not make a big half lumpy bow and run it down the front of the dress....geesh! what a sloppy pile of goods that is. messy hair, messy dress and yes I hate her a bit for nabbing the love of my life (he just doesn't know it)

UPDATE - Honorable Mentions go to:
Miley Cyrus
Tilda Swinton
Whoppi Goldberg


Wandering Coyote said...

I also thought the Jessica Biel dress was terrible but I noticed the commentators were all over it. I thought it was ridiculous. I didn't think any of the dresses were anything to write home about, but I did love Beyonce's - and normally I can't stand her, but that dress she had on was quite stunning.

Swishy said...

I totally, totally, TOTALLY agree with all of them!!!

flea said...

wc - wow, really they liked this?? interesting...and I somewhat liked beyonce's dress too, just wasn't my fav's (I may get around to posting them)

Swishy - YAY!

Beth said...

I do not GET Jessica Biel....what do guys see in her? I don't see it!

and I know Sophia Loren is old and all...this big legend, but dayum....what did she do to her FACE?! When she was walking the carpet....her scared me. and her dress is u.g.l.y!!!!

flea said...

beth -see! i'm so not the only one! I don't get it either, she's sort of pretty but yet very tom boyish or something...