Monday, February 16, 2009

bad, bad blogger

yes, i've forgotten about you again dear old blog. but I have a good excuse. I've been working a lot and actually have good news. I obtained a temp part-time position which guarantees me at least 2 days a week and gasp - a schedule. which I have missed dearly. being on a "call basis" sucked cuz you never knew if and when they would call. I can pick up as many days as I want in between, if I don't feel or want to work I don't have too. and right now i'm so tired and played out I don't want to, i'm not booked again until the weekend so I may just veg all week.

i had intended to blog about the grammy's but obviously that never happened. and who else is so sick and tired of hearing about Chris Brown and Ri Ri?? God. enough already! I will say this though, I think he should be punished, especially where this is so public, whether it be jail time (prob not but he will pay a hefty fee i'm sure to get out of it) and he can probably say good bye to his career.

oh, and enough about octo mom to please!!! this girl is soooooo whacked and messed up. should not be allowed to have her kids.

and that's all I got - for now

gotta catch up with you all


Beth said...

octo mom...NUTZSO!!!!

flea said...

beth - totally!!!