Saturday, January 21, 2006

muffler be gone

you know when friday comes around all one truly wants to do is come home from work and flop on there couch and remain there for most if not all of there weekend. sadly this did not occur for me last evening.

i guess it all began last sunday when our t.v in our living room decided to go on the fritz right before desperate housewives came on nothingless, so me not so happy but trying not to be such a worry wort i just let it slide and alas the issue was resolved when my mom and dad lent me one of there t.v's that they don't use until we get ours fixed or can afford to get a new one. so i was fine.

then the work week comes and by wednesday i'm sick, coughing (quite hard too), achey all over and a major sinus headache happening and it's storming outside and there is hardly anyone at work so the girls decide to send me home at 2pm to get home before the roads freeze & get some rest. only i arrive home to have hubby look at me like i have 4 heads, telling me they are going to fire me for sending me home. like whatever. so i continue to just feel like shit and there was no way i was going to go on thursday so i stayed home to rest, take some drugs and lay low, only to have hubby call me such a faker and a jigger! i cursed him with the plague and told him i wouldn't look after his sorry ass when he gets sick.

so finally friday arrives at the end of a long painful week and i go to work just hoping for a quick pain free day. then i remember that i have to call the vet about my cat Charlie. a couple of weeks ago Charlie had gotten into a fight with another Tom Cat down the road (and yes he is fixed) so anyways he came in all banged up, fur fluffed up, nose scrathed and limping. at first i just thought he was sore from the battle, then for a few days he was fine and then he was limping again. my first thought was a broken leg and then i just knew then apon investigation we discovered that he had an abceist (not right but ask me if i care it's close enough) so i should have taken him then but i didn't cause the next day it busted open on it's own (yeah grose i know but problem solved right??) WRONG he was fine for the next 3-4 days then he started limping again! so a call to the vet was inevitable so this again brings me to friday. so i call the vet make the appointment for that evening so that means that i have to drive all the way home only to have to come back to the big city an hour and a half later.....can you see my frustration?

anyways so i make it thru my day at work, leave come home check the cat out and it looks like this thing could pop open any second so i'm just hoping that it doesnt do it before i get the cat to the vet. so we load up the poor cat who hates the cat carrier and the car and we are on our way. sadly my radio in my car does not work so we have to listen to the cat howl and cry the whole way to town. i could feel my right eye beginning to twitch just as we finaly arrive at the vet's office. so we get in and yes that's what the cat has and the vet is pushing on this huge mass of a thing and then it bursts all over everywhere like ewww but at the same time i couldn't help but watch! it was like squeezing the biggest zit ever i was in heaven! so $104 later the cat was fixed well almost we have to give him antibioadics for a few days & try to soak his leg with epson salts until the wound heals over we also had to get his rabies shots so he's good to go for awhile but $104 for a cat (well he's my baby but gish that's a lot of money). so we decide to boycot the new opening of the brand spankin new Wal-mart and head home to avoid spending further $$ that we do not have.

so were driving home listening to the cat howl yet again, just driving along in silence when i here this noise come from the back of the car and i'm like wtf? and i look behind me and i see sparks flying EVERYWHERE and i'm like what the hell was that and i brake (only to have hubby yell at me that you can't just stop on a 4 lane, duh!) and pull the car over to the side of the road. i should also mention that it had been raining so the roads were pitch black and could see shit at this point. so hubby (still kinda yelling) tells me just to keep driving and that it was probably my muffler. yes, my muffler had just fallen off my car. and as i pull away to continue on our way the noise coming from the back just further verifies this fact. great. just frickin GREAT. i flip out. BIG TIME and he's like what's the big deal it's just a muffler, i've never heard anyone bitch and wine like you (yeah that's what he said) further irritating me and making me flip out just that much more. fucker. just a MUFFLER, just a piece of rusty metal ass muffler. i feel like a frickin wellfare car and what else can happen we just spent $104 on the cat that could have bought me a new fucking muffler!!!!!!! like how embarassing and then just to leave it there in the middle of the road. so if your driving along the highway in new brunswick and see a muffler on the side of the road that would be mine. gish. what else can flippin happen to me, i'm afraid to ask........

so my muffler be gone from my car. what's new with you?


Bridget Jones said...

OH FLEA you poor baby!!! ((((hugs)))) I've seen others in that muffler spot and hell I've BEEN in the muffler spot. AND been very cat-poor. If it means anything, you sure did everything right (except I would have bopped the hubby with anything handy for being so hostile/non constructive).

Hope you are feeling better...I"ve been taking Imodium and generally been sick for the past two weeks. Today was the first day I haven't had to take anything for this plague, but am snowed into my house.

You, my dear, are an angel. Hubby owes you several huge, chocolate, bubble-bath size apologies.
Hugs, from Bridg

Bridget Jones said...
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flea said...

awwwww bridg your such a sweetie!!! i unfortunately am very cat-poor right now so i think that's why i blew up, we just can't seem to get ahead of the bills and its so frustrating!

i feel much better though from venting it all out and hubby did apologize!

tomorrow is always another day!! :0)

Bridget Jones said...

Yes isn't that lovely? HOpe yours is sunny, warm and somehow involves a ton of moola finding its way to you....Bridg

Blondie said...

You need a girls' night out where you can get very, very drunk.

flea said...

blondie - i agree! lot's of rum is to the licqour store i go...wait its not 5 yet. dang!!!

Kleokatra said...

You poor thing. That really sucks. I have been there though, and sometimes think that I am still there. Damian needs his teeth cleaned, I need a new mirror on my car, and we don't have enough money for them both. yea. Men usually don't seem to understand women and why we get upset, but glad to hear that he appologized. I hope things get better for you. :)