Friday, January 06, 2006

sooooo tired

need sleep. eyes are heavy. must stay awake. only 2 1/2 more hrs of work. so hard to stay awake and try not to vomit on my desk at the same time. yups, i think it's offical that i have some kind of flu. which shouldn't surprize me as i usually get everything going around but i haven't been sick in like forever. so not fair.

so for like a week now (mabye a little over) i have been battling severe stomache aches and pains just brushing it off as either a) menstrual cramps b) my IBS c) eating to much junk food over the holidays or d) all of the above.

so i thought nothing of it until this week when the insomina, aches and pains and nausea started along with it.

the week progresses and i end up to here where i am miserable in desperate need of a nights sleep. my eyes are litterally burning right out of my head and i look like the living dead. and the wurst is that i keep making the stupiest misstakes and feel like i'm totally out of it. best trip i've been on in awhile! but seriousily not cool when trying to work, i think i'm actually slurring today. i was in tears yesterday morning as i did not want to get out of bed and haul my ass to work. need sleep but yet i cannot sleep. how weird and fucked up is that shit.

so now here i sit trying not to think about sleep or feel sorry for myself wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball and DIE!! i need drugs. good drugs. can anyone hook me up????


Wandering Coyote said...

You sound miserable! Can you not take some sick time from work because it sounds like you really should rest and sort out whatever it is that's bothering you. Perhaps a trip to the doc? A week's a long time, you know.

Feel better soon!

Jimmy said...

That sucks! I'm sorry you're sick.

Blondie said...

I hope you feel better. Try and get some rest, but don't try too hard because then you'll just get fristrated and not be able to sleep. I am an insomniac myself!! Fell better hon!

flea said...

thanks guys!!

i think that's what's making my problem even worse is that i know i need sleep, my body is screaming for sleep but yet i can't sleep!! total mental block going on.

so my agenda for the weekend is to sleep, rest and get my ass outside in the fresh air!

Bridget Jones said...

Poor flea I am so sorry for you!! There were more people sick than in our office for the past few days, and I'm feeling like you (burning eyes, can't sleep, mainlining imodium).

Agree with WC, how about seeing a doc and taking a few days off?

Feel better soon...(((hugs))) Bridg (hugs cure a lot)

flea said...

awww thanks bridg!!! :0)

hope u feel better too. i feel much, much better today than i did yesterday. it's amazing what a good nite's sleep and some fresh air (just got back from snow shoeing) can do for a person. intending to lay low the rest of the weekend so i should be back to 100% by monday.

Bridget Jones said...

Excellent news, flea. I got some sleep too.

If you need/get the chance to get a prescription, Imovane is good. Sleep Ease D is good too for over the counter meds.

flea said...

bridg - thanks for the info, i may need to check into this as unfortunatley i slept badly last nite.

think it's due to stress/fretting over things i have no control over so i may need to get something to help me sleep for a bit anyways. so now i know what to ask for!!