Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Golden Globe fashion rundown

so here's some pics of my likes & dislikes of this year's golden globes

love, love this dress (love the shoes too!) and Natlie Portman looks truly stunning with the short hair. almost makes up for last year's oscar disaster of a dress that she wore. i knew she had it in her!

ah the girls from Wisteria Lane. did not like terri hatcher's dress looks too much like scales to me & she should have her hair back or in loose curls or something....love felicity huffman no complaints there, and can u believe that nicolette is actually in a classy dress WOW! love the blue too by the way. Eva, ick i truly dislike you and your petite frame but alas you always look stunning and cute and you just can't go wrong with drop dead red. Marcia i actually like this dress and the color on you but i've read elsewhere where other pps did not approve, but you get my thumbs up, mabye she too should have opted for soft curls instead of such a harsh pull back from the face but she is still uniquely beautiful

was this girls name?? Bai Ling or something like that. i love the color and the tule and she manages to pull it off tremendously. the purse is ultra fab and this dress is true hollywood glamor at it's finest.

a lil eye candy never hurt nobody! and johhnny boy you steal my heart away. i could look at you all day long. so yummy and dreamy.

"kate" as i know her from LOST (i'm not even going to try spelling her name right now) looks ultra sleek and fit in this emerald gown with an empire waist. and i dig the braclets! god i wish my arms looked that good.......

normally i can't stand SJP but i truly dig and love what she has done with her hair here or i should say what her hairstylist has done. v. cool and i much prefer her as a brunette too, couldn't find a good pic thus far of her dress but it was all i could find for now

onto the fugly stuff. sorry resse i just do not like this dress. i know white was big last nite but uck, looks like you are trying to concel something and i so don't dig the gold at the top or the little fringe thing going on at the bottom. your hubby on the other hand....mmm good. damn, ryan where have you been and oh how i have missed thee. come back pleaze!

oh mimi where can i begin. this pic that i found actually does not do this dress it's ultimate ugly fugliness. i saw one clip where her boop was hanging out the side of her dress...nasty. and you can so tell she's trying oh so hard to suck it all in (as all us "normal" women know about") so i feel somewhat bad for her but yet she's constantly trying to squish herself into dresses that are way to small for her. girl you are not a size 2! embrace your curves and get a dress that fits!

when i first saw this pic i didn't know who it was and then i kinda went oh yeah the girl from the mummy movies!! this dress is just sad and damn ugly. i hate the color and i hate the thing that is going up out of her cleavage into her shoulder.....who comes up with these designs? i supposed it is unique and all but i don't think i would leave the house in it? would u?

and last but not least the fugliest dress of the evening has to go to none other than Melanie Griffith. i dunno who picks out her dresses (mabye she does) but man uck! like double uck, and the whole behive hair thingy. nasty. sorry mel but i don't like it!


Blondie said...

I agree on all of them, except Marcia Cross. I thought the color contrast between her dress and her hair was icky. Natalie Portman looked great!

flea said...

blondie - yeah didn't she though, love her hair that way! i just love the whole glamor vibe feel of these sort of awards shows and the dresses are always to die for. cannot wait for the oscars.

Sadie Lou said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT!! I loved this post and I totally agree with everything you said. What was up with Rachel? She looked FAT!!
I liked the dress that the girl from Phantom of the Opera was wearing. It was very classy and a pretty shade of...tan?
I didn't think any of the Desperate Housewives looked good except the one that wore that white dress. Marcia Cross has to have the scariest face ever!
Can't wait for the Oscars and I'll check back with you to dish about what the stars wore.
Oh yeah, and didn't Pam Anderson look like she was wearing a baby-sling for her chee chees?

Sadie Lou said...

Oh yeah, and the Chinese girl was from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers--not that freaky chick from but Can They Sing?

or were you making a joke? :)

Bridget Jones said...

I'm with blondie, hated the color of MC's dress. Doesn't go with her.

flea said...

sadie lou - thanks, i just love all the fashion (good or bad!), i didn't see any pics of pam until after i posted, i give her kudos for trying to go classier though but the top of the gown was pathetic! yeah i still dunno what that girl's actual name is from Memoirs of a Geisha...will have to find that out (and yes i was making a joke) and i cannot wait for the OSCARS in March!!!!

bridg - glad to see you back :0)