Tuesday, January 03, 2006

your my obsession

this is my new found love.

love. love. love. love

the Sims Ultimate Collection.

oh how i love thee

oh how i could spend countless hours playing thee

where have you been all my life??

why must you be so addictive?


do you love me too?

i can't wait until we meet again!



Wandering Coyote said...

OK - what is this?

Am I so out of it or what??

Wandering Coyote said...

You're moderating comments - excellent. Especially after that Litte Bo Peep thing in the previous post...

flea said...

WC - lol, it's a computer game where you create people and run them thru their lives (kinda like playing god). check it out sometime. and yes i'm moderating my comments for a little while anyways, just to weed out the bad apples :0)

Blondie said...

I love The Sims!!

Sorry about that Little Bo Peep jerk. You are a very beautiful girl, and obviously he is just jealous that his wife doesn't look as hot as you!

flea said...

blondie - :) thanks i needed that, i kinda take things to heart and that really bugged me. so thank you!!

Kleokatra said...

I have been addicted to the SIMS for years. It is a wonderful game. Did you know that they have it for Playstation 2? Another game that I am extremely addicted to is Lego Star Wars for PS2. It is WAY fun. I hope you have a fun day with your game. :)

Bridget Jones said...

Gee my comments got bleeped out and I didn't say anything bad.


flea said...

bridg - not sure what happend to your other comment i have been moderating them and get them all by email before posting them....didn't see any others besides your last one. strange. then again blogger has been messin me up lately so not sure.



Bridget Jones said...

No probs, you know I luv ya!!


p.s. blogger screws me up allllll the time too. I was taking it personally till I read your response :))