Friday, January 13, 2006

it's Friday, it's FRIDAY!!

yippee i'm so happy today! not really sure why, well mabye these kinda helped:

~ that ginormous piece of ice cream cake that some in the office has left in our office freezer, which sadly nobody is eating except for i think the ice cream, whip cream and sugar has made me quite giddy

~ found out that friends of ours had their baby last nite! congratulations shelley & jamie and welcome to the world little Brady! can't wait for 5:00PM to come as i am going to go see shell & baby Brady!

~ my favorite shows are all back on t.v. oh how i have missed LOST and the O.C. and my guilty pleasure Dancing With the Stars has returned. This show just makes me grin from ear to ear and i love it! even with all it's cheese i still love it!!

~ i actually did some exercises last nite! yeah me!! (which is a good thing i guess as i need to burn off that damn ice cream cake, i curse the person who brought it!!! damn you)

~ it's early January and you wouldn't know it here in the maritimes the weather is delightfully warm and the sun is shining

~ i got paid yesterday!! whooo hoooo i have money (at least for a couple of days anyways)

~ may go snow tubing this weekend with a group of pps. i hope we go as it was a blast the last time we went and i could really use the laughs & being outdoors

so kick back and relax

the weekend is almost apon us

i'm out :0)


Bridget Jones said...

I really loved this post. Love that spirit of's so bubbly and happy.

Long may you bubble, flea!!

Have a great weekend.

Feel the same way you do only drunker (had 1/2 a bottle of wine. I'm such a cheap drunk)!


Wandering Coyote said...

Agree with Bridg: this was a great post! Your happiness just jumps off the, screen.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Blondie said...

Flea, you need to make another post! Everytime I check your blog, I see "It's Friday, it's FRIDAY!" And then I get all excited, and then I remember that it isn't Friday, and then I get all sad.

Plus I love reading your stuff!!

flea said...

blondie - he he he to funny i wish it was friday too, ah well only 3 more days!

haven't had time to blog or nothing exciting to write about....i'll think of something though