Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Free Play

yet another friday, and what better to do than review my latest fav music pics in a group of 5 (haven't done one of these in ages, so why not?)

anyways, hope everyone is having a super fantastic friday

only 18 more days til Christmas - part of me is giddy when i say that and the other part is groaning...

back to the music

Friday Five:

J. Holiday - Bed (music/video playing in the sidebar)

Alicia Keys - No one (love this!)

Kanye West featuring T-Pain - Good life (luv this too!!! so sad about his mommy too...)

One Republic featuring Timberland (freaking genius) - Apologize (getting a little sick of this but still like)

and lastly

Linkin Park - Bleed it out (my anger song, it totally rocks)

peace out :P


Nelly said...

We have the EXACT same taste in music! I've got No One on my blog right now! Love your list!

Swishy said...

Good picks!!

flea said...

nelly - i know! i noticed that you had that on your blog, LUV that song

swishy - thanks :)