Saturday, December 29, 2007

just cuz

i believe i have the "christmas blues"....

i have nothing really to write or talk about...

i'm bored and sitting home on a saturday night in my pj's when i should be out celebrating my bestest cousin in the whole wide world's birthday... (happy birthday jilly! luv you!)

were broke, lazy and somewhat hesitant to go outside and drive 30 minutes to come and visit you as it did storm today and the roads are probably bad...

i'm farting like a man (or animal) from eating too much candy...

i still haven't taken down my christmas tree and i never leave it up this long

i have a mountain of laundry to do and i just can't seem to muster the energy to tackle it, so it just keep growing

i think i am finally getting over this stupid cold, finally

there isn't a godamn thing on t.v. lately, is it from the holiday or the writers strike??

as of monday i am going offically on a diet/exercise binge, wonder how long i'll last this time

i wonder if i can be hyponotized to not eat certain foods (ie. french fries)

well i'll think i'll go back to my romance novel now

peace out

Happy New Year if i'm not back in a few


Beth said...

Happy New Year Flea!!

Snap out of it girl!!!!

I too fart like a man...but only after I eat beef.

flea said...

aww beth you always make me smile/laugh!

Nelly said...

Ur postin on my blog, but not posting on yours? What's up with that? :D

Happy New Year!

secret lady said...

ill be doing that same exercise binge thing & for same reaso i have the SAME issue with french fries?!?! what is the deal with those damn things?!?! HAPPY NEW YEAR

Swishy said...

I know, I am like that too. Hope you are feeling better! Happy New Year!