Monday, January 07, 2008

dodged a bullet to the head

the last few days have been well interesting....

1st I discover that I am being "laid off" (only for a couple of months, but, whatev, it's laid off) from yet another job (making that the 4th time i have left/been "laid off" god I hate that word from a job)

then I discover that pretty much everyone, well ok not everyone but most pps, in the office aren't happy and have been thinking about leaving, including the lady that trained me. who was disgusted and very upset that they would "lay me off" and told me not to worry as she may leave instead as she had another offer.

hmm interesting I think

but I didn't get my hopes up

instead, i dive head 1st into deep black despair and panic. needless to say last thrusday was not a good one. and my drive to work on my last official day was not pleasant. in fact I didn't want to go.


positive yet sad news. she's leaving and i'm staying

so therefore i've dodged a pretty big bullet

thank god i don't have to file for EI yet AGAIN!
thank god we wont starve
thank god I don't have to look for another job ASAP
thank god I can still keep my hair appointment in 2 weeks as i'm in desperate need of highlights
thank god we can keep our house
thank godwe don't have to sell the animals
thank god we don't have to move out west and sell our souls to the devil

there is a god and he loves me!!!!


one would think that I would still be happy and rejoicing.

sadly, nope

back to being overweight, poor, depressed, angry, bitter

yadda yadda yadda


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh God, that whole EI application thing is just horrible, I know...been there, done that. Glad you dodged the bullet, Flea! Go highlights! I'm going to have mine done on the 15th and I'm so stoked!

Happy New Year!

Nelly said...

I'm so glad you didn't really get laid off. Gosh!

Mo said...

I hope getting the highlights help. Generally when I'm feeling crappy a hair appointment helps.

flea said...

wc - god, tell me about it, been around that block too many times lately..geesh! my appt's not til the 22nd boo! but i can't wait, god my hair is basically screaming HELP ME!! lol & it will boost the confidence for a week or a day or two....

nelly - yeah, a big sigh of relief for sure

mo - me too, and i think they will they always do. weird how a silly thing like a hair appt helps but it does...