Thursday, January 17, 2008


i've been blogging at this site since 2004, that boggles my mind to think that I have been coming here to rant, vent, try to be funny (which i'm totally NOT), try to be cool and basically what ever i needed it for.

the only reason I started this site was because two other friends (one being miz jilly) had blogs and it was the cool thing to do and me being the "follower" that I so am, I just had to have one.

also my other purpose was to stay in touch with family members, my grandmother had just passed away and I wanted to be or needed to be in touch with my family. sadly, that didn't last long and it's sad as to how much a family can drift apart after you take away the main "beam" from the foundation. course one could argue and say we were never really close to begin with but at least we always got together on gram's special occasions or we at least had that "link".

i always blogged from work back then, working in gov't i had it pretty easy and it carried through with me until last year when everything went all to hell. course i shouldn't ever have been blogging from work but it was habit and habits die hard and generally i could type up a post pretty quick (not so much these days). i can't even imagine blogging at work now. weird how things change.

i've had people come and go, a few i feel like are friends as i've been reading there blogs from my beginnings (WC & McBlogger), other's have faded like dust in the wind. i never had/have many comments and for awhile that hurt a little but now i realize i write for me. it's venting for my soul, if someone comments great, if not, no worries. sure i'd love to have 30 comments like beth, or swishy but i don't have the time to write everyday and leave comments on other pps sites (ahem, lazy). and sometimes i just like my little corner just fine with the few pps that do comment, i look forward to their responses. nough said.

i've wanted to just leave this blog several times and call it a day, but, somehow i always come back and think of something else to write about, or i think i can't let it go, it's a part of me. like that old journal that i can't throw away even though it's ratty and torn. someday i can look back (and i often do) and re-read my posts and see where i was in my life 2, 3, 4 years ago.


i'm still here


Nelly said...

I am just like you. When I had more time to jump around from blog to blog, I got a lot more comments, but my comments have dwindled too. It does hurt a little to think that nobody is reading or cares enough to even say hi. My post before the one I have up now got ZERO comments! That sucked! Not even one! Cest'la vie! (I have no idea if I spelled that right!) Anyway, I'm glad you decided to stick with it! Even if I don't visit as often as I would like! :D

Swishy said...

You can't EVER stop blogging! We love our Flea! And the comments come and go ... that's what I think, at least.

Mo said...

And I'm certainly glad you're still around. :o)