Tuesday, January 29, 2008

it's like this, like that and this and ah

does anyone else remember that song? prob not


time for some much needed ramblings of mine

i'm still in shock over Heath and still can't quite really believe it. even more so, i'm so sickened by what we as a society have become. he was a private person, kept to himself, his daughter was his life and to glorify his death with pictures all over the Internet of his body being taken from the building in a body bag and the literally thousands of paparatzi's camera bulbs flashing, the hounding of his family and loved ones really is not necessary. and why do we care? sure he was talented, young, with his whole life ahead of him but do we really need to make him another Anna Nicole Smith? would that be what he wanted to be remembered for was his "possible OD" and that he was in broke back mountain? i think not

and can you believe the latest rumour? omg i almost peed my pants!! new kids may be reuniting for a "reunion tour". hee!! like any other young tween that grew up in the late 80's early 90's i was in love, LOVE with this band. and no i'm not ashamed to admit it...ok, maybe a little. but still I loved Jordan, he was my boyfriend (in my mind anyways) and to sadly see him 10+ years later on that reality show (drawing a blank on the name, but I think it was the one with flavor flav and Bridgett Nielsen.....) it just isn't the same. still though i would totally pay to see them in concert now. guess will see if this turns out to be true in the next week or so....as of right now it's up in the air


did anyone else watch TLC's "miss reality check" for Miss America? and am I the only one that was severally disappointed because Miss Michigan won? I thought the whole theory of the show was to re-vamp the contest and bring it to a modern age? so then why did they chose a winner, that was such a typical stereotype pageant contest? blond hair, over tanned, tacky ugly fugly dress that was so from the 80's (it was sheer people in the middle and had sheer arms...ugh! i must find a pic somewhere of it....) and her talent was singing, and not even good singing she butchered "some where over the rainbow" in yet another godawful gown. perhaps i'm just bitter that the girl I pegged to win was runner up....i dunno I was totally pissed though. oh and how badly does Mark Steinous blow? the guy from ET, god he was terrible. in fact I can't believe I sat their on a saturday night to watch this for 2 hours. how sad am I?

and i'm soooo sick of hearing about U.S election crap, and it's just beginning. i don't even live in the U.S!

oh and I totally peg Clinton to win

not that i care or anything

sick of American Idol too, LAME stop beating a dead horse already, hating it this year

LOST is on this Thursday!!

rest of TV is crap, when will the writers strike be over?

oh! almost forgot how many pps totally think Angie & Brad are preggers again? me!!!

and congrats to Gwen & Gavin on baby # 2! how awesome is that
and i think that Angie & Gwen totally planned it as they were both pregnant at the same time before....conceidence....i think not

i'm out :P


secret lady said...

OMG!!!! i felt the EXACT same way about the miss america contest!! the winner looked identical to last years's winner they look like twins - its ridiculous i though the asian girl should have won - so sad

flea said...

me too!!! how much did you love miss washington?? jeebus i was so ticked off...

Ben O. said...

How many NKOTB songs do you have on your iPod, Flea?

Ben O.

Mo said...

I totally remembered that song. That was the jam back in the day.

flea said...

ben o - umm probably all of them...ok mabye not def all their hits though :P

mo - yes! it was totally the jam fer sure

Wandering Coyote said...

Woo-hoo! LOST is back! So exciting! What did you think of last night's episode?

flea said...

wc - oooh it was so good, and omg how frigging hot was charlie now that he's dead and with those shades on?!! DAMN! that little hobbit is hot! oh, and the plot line is really good too...hee! this show just keeps us guessing and turning at every show...