Saturday, February 02, 2008

all by myself

the hubs is out, leaving me home alone and quite desolte & lonely and not really sure why. typically when he goes out i enjoy the break god knows we each need our own time. but for some reason i'm lonely and somewhat scared.

yes, it's dark (which i don't like) and it's v. creepy home alone & the dogs keep jumping at every freaking sound, thus putting me more at edge.

course it didn't help that i just finished watching Poltergist

and we had a super bad storm last night/this morning making me feel somewhat stranded even though i kow i'm not. weird. i can't explain it.

think it was the movie though

even though i've watched it before i'm creeped out now

that and there isn't a damn thing on tv

and of course i want to eat

what to do, what to do....


secret lady said...

i know exactly how you hubby is a firefighter so there are plenty of nights i am alone - i have a rule i can only watch comedy those nights - but to fall asleep i usually put on espn or poker bc thats what makes me feel like he is

Nelly said...

Why in the heck would you watch poltergeist??? Crap girl!

flea said...

secret lady - lol, yeah i should've known better...i thougth i was safe though where i have seen it several times...guess not, i'll know better next time fer sure i could not go to sleep at ALL

nelly - good question no clue. i blame it on there being nothing else on t.v