Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hold up..wait a minute..

let me put your back up in it...

*shake that ass*

sorry, got caught up in the moment

random tid bits floating thru ma brain...

so i had a fab weekend away with "the girls" aka mommy, auntie sharol and miss jilly. went to Halifax specially to see the musical Cats which was delightful. We were very close to the stage (9 rows back) and I was privy enough to have the isle seat, thanks to auntie sharol (who i think later regreted that..), so i could see very well, the other's not so much. i went into this not knowing a whole lot about the play and i was surprized as to how much dancing their was. was truly a memorable evening and sadly the rest of us could not get the song "Mr. Mistoffelees" out of our heads. ah good times.

so i'm exhausted, didn't get much sleep over the weekend as Halifax is 5 hours away, and we left Friday on shitty roads and arrived v. late & arrived back late from the play.

so i'm bug eyed
and having my lovely monthly flow
which leaves me bloated, headachy and even more tired if that's possible
but on the positive side
the exercise helps
who would've though that I of all people would ever say that?
and i'm like the laziest person i know
and i'm so addicted to working out
my latest work out tape is...
god i hate to admit it

Tae Bo Amped

I bought the set at Cosco on Sunday and just did tape 2 of 5
that shit is HARD
and fierce
and i totally can't stand Billy Blanks or his daughter
damn if i come out of this looking like anyone of the girls in the video i'm freaking happy
i probably won't be able to walk tomorrow

how is it possible to be so tired yet so awake?

work is frustrating
i can't even put into words why and i can't say that i want to explain it
i'm overworked and severely underpaid
and sick as hell of doing what i do
wish i had the $$ to go back to school and take something so i can make more $$ than i am now
make sense
prob not

just a glimpse of what runs thru my brain

anyways, peace out gotta go watch Idol (or at least try)

catch ya later


Beth said...

Billy Blanks drives me BUTS!!! OOPS! I meant NUTS!! HA!
I used to do Tae Bo all the time, but I can. not. stand. him. UGH.

I so wanna go dancing with you!!

flea said...

beth - yeah, he's extremely annoying i try and tune hime out...dancing would be so MUCH FUN. in fact i'm due for a dance-ca-pade...

Swishy said...

I want the Biggest Loser DVD ... I heard it is awesome!

You will find a job you like one soon, Miss Flea ... hang in there!

flea said...

swishy - sadly, I had the BL DVD ordered but then cancelled as I purchase the Tae bo...boo :( and it is awsome, ah well

Anonymous said...

My daughter had to explain CATS to me before we went, but I still had a hard time getting it. The dancing was amazing, and the costumes too!! I don't know how the dancers can do that all the time, without serious injury.

The DVD sounds like a lot of fun. Makes me almost want to get up and dance. Almost. Once I get rid of this flu, I am up and moving.

I am dreading going back to work on Monday, after having a week off. I keep saying how much I love my job, yet why do I have this feeling of dread and not wanting to go back in? Hmmmm, I think I need to explore that.