Monday, February 04, 2008

you know it's going to be a BAD day when...

a) you walk into your office 1st thing in the morning and 2 of your fellow co-workers are full on battling it out, like yelling, screaming, red faces and man the tension in the air was FIERCE. i wanted to walk right back out. sadly, i think one of them quit....and i liked him

b) yet another co-worker snaps at you over your lunch hour "time" (i.e. when I go and get back)like wtf? back the eff off, sadly i didn't say this back to her but it really put me in a pissy mood

and lastly the realy dousy

c) i finally leave the office hoping for nothing more than some peace, quiet and mabye a stiff drink of some sort and i notice that a van is blocking me in. no prob i think i can back up and get out that way. whatev. then i notice a man sitting in said van, running. now i'm slightly annoyed by this but continue on my marry way (thinking of that said drink), get in my car, start her up trying not to make eye contact with said creepy guy in van (why are van's so creepy?) and proceed to back up, when i glimpse out of the corner of my eye "said" creepy man gets out of his van and is flagging me down.

1st thought is to continue driving, like hello stalker, 2nd thought is perhaps he was trying to tell me he could move his like the idiot that i am i stop and roll down my window smiling oh so sweetly, thinking to myself keep it short & sweet buddy....and he's like ummm your back tire is almost flat. and sadly i look back and you guessed it it's going flat. sonofabitch. i smile oh so sweetly again (more painful this time, honestly) and back away. getting as far away from creepy guy as possible (yes, he was nice but still creepy) i frantically call the hubs and ask what to do, cuz hello, i have no clue, i would just drive one it but some part of me knows that is BAD. so i pull over, call the hubs who doesn't really give me much instruction. "umm you just go to a gas station and put air in the tire".

well duh. HELLO never done this before. so i go to gas station #1 which thankfully is right beside my work. pull up by the air thingy, look at it and think yeah that's not happening and try to find a man. god, i hate that and hate admiting that but there it was and yes i said it. i go into the gas station where there's a "boy" no more than 16 to ask for assistance and he looks at me like "cha, not happening" (lasy ass fucker, fleetingly passes through my mind) apparantly their air machine is broke.

ok, great. moving on to gas station #2 which is another few feet from my work (i'm now really ticked off) arrive at gas station #2 again have no clue how to run the damn machine or how to insert air into my tire, than a miracle, i see someone i know. ok, i haven't seen him since our graduation (aham almost 10 years ago, but he's on my facebook and it's someone i KNOW!), admist my panic induced state i plead him for help. he kindly abligizes, i'm SAVED. then he says "uh oh" what? huh? the machine is broke he says. ARE U KIDDING ME! i want to scream or cry at this point and this so called friend from way back when just looks at me and says you'll have to go back to the store (that i've already been too!) HA! guess what it's broken too i say. "that's so weird" he says, you'll have to try either this place or that place (which is across town). so i proceed to drive all that way across town to yet store #3 on my flat tire solo. friend did volenteer to follow me but i stated i was fine (i was far from fine but whatev).

i arrive at store #3, insert my $0.50 that i had to scrounge to find into the stupid air macine that i'm really hating right now....and nadda. no sound, no air coming out, nadda. god truly hates me. i walk into the store, wait patiently in line and ask the clerk (again 16, where are the adults?) if the machine is broken. she looks at me like i'm an idiot and is like "well i'll turn it on in here if it works it works, if it doesn't than it's broken", umm ya think? i feel like screaming. so i then asked for change so i could put in the $0.50 and she's like "oh, you don't need that" like it is the most obivious thing in the world. hello the freaking machine has a coin slot and $0.50 beside it....sigh. can i go home now? i trudge back out to the car, turn on the machine and alas it works!! god doesn't hate me! now to get the air in my tire....ok it took me a little bit and i didn't really think it was working but the air went in!! the tire was no longer flat. i DID it on my own. afer all that freakin running around i did it on my own. so now i know how to put air in a tire. who knew that when i woke up this morning, that would be the 1 thing that i learned new today...i sure as hell didn't

jeebus what a day


Wandering Coyote said...

OK - so the good thing that came from this is that now you know how to put air in your tires, right?

Still, the story frustrated me, too. I can't believe these places didn't have air hoses that didn't work.

BTW, is there any way to read your blog without the music?

flea said...

wc - tell me about it...grr

and yes the good thing is that now i at least know how and or what to do should it ever occur again (hopefully it won't)

not sure about the music, i will sometimes hit the stop/pause button below the video and that makes it stop...perahps i'll just take it away if pps find it annoying...

Beth said...

girl, we need a cosmo!!!!! I hate cars, I hate tires, and I esp. hate tires that have no air!!

mcBlogger said...

It's empowering when you can do stuff like put air in your tire and even change a tire all on your own. Congratulations!

Swishy said...

UGHHH that is the WORST! That would totally be me! In fact that HAS been me ... ha ha. SUCKY!

Miss 1999 said...

*Sends big hugs* I definitely hope this week has been better than the last-- and that you haven't had ANY more days like this! *hugs*