Sunday, January 13, 2008

omg the PAIN!

so, as some of you may or not know i'm on a mission to lose 15 pounds. I'm miss Jilly's bridesmaid in her May wedding in the Dominican Republic and dammit I want no I need to be in shape (better yet HOT) and not feel ashamed to wear my bathing suit like my last trip away. the whole time I was self conscious and paranoid even though there were 100's of women bigger than me walking around with less clothes on.

some days i do good other days not so good...

but yesterday I was a good girl, i walked the dogs (about 40 minutes) ate somewhat decent (better than my binge the other day) and then miss jilly calls me. turns out she just bought a new DVD workout from the trainers from the Biggest Loser. somehow or another I end up doing this tape with her.

and well

at 1st I was ok, i mean bob is hot, and I like how they have "real people" (previous contestants from the Biggest Loser), who quite frankly are as red in the face as I am and also sweating like the pigs that I guess we are. after the warm up and 20 minutes with bob, i'm really hurting (jilly is too) and we both veto to skip a portion and only do another 10 minutes. this time though we have Jillian (whom i so want to look like, this girl is a lean mean fighting machine) and oh my god she is not bob. in fact she's harder than bob and those 10 minutes felt like 30. the whole time miss jilly and I were calling her names and I think that is the only way we got thru (including a few momentary pauses...)

i have no idea how we finished that tape and i'm somewhat grateful i didn't pass out. i felt like a weak depleted flower afterwords for well over an hour. and now almost 24 hrs later i can hardly move. i'm walking like a very old crippled person. and somehow the hubs bribed me and hauled my ass out for yet another walk today!

my ribs hurt
my ass hurtz
my legs are on fire
pretty much my whole body is in pain
i mean lame?
i dunno but it sucks

but i'll tell you one thing i i some day look like Jillian the trainer from hell it would so be worth it. and maybe now i'll think twice before eating a cookie or my usual inevitable trip to McDonald's (I can proudly say I haven't been there in a couple of weeks), because if i'm this much out of shape at 27 I can just imagine it gets even harder as I get older.

now if i can just do this 5-6 days a week....

oh boy i need prayers!! or better yet a massage...a full body massage


Beth said...

good for you Flea!!! I SOOO need to do this too.....loser

Nelly said...

What's the famous line? "You can do it!" Keep it up girl! I've got a few years on ya and I'm keeping up. I've got to lose at least 20, and I'm hoping by April. We'll see!

flea said...

beth - ugh..i hope it's worth it man i'm soooo sore & i'm sure it will be very hard for me to stay motivated. luckily though I have good motivation & good moral support as there are 3 of us all exercising and what not for this that helps...

nelly - omg I HATE that famous line. but it is so true. i didn't think I could muster the strength to do my YBB (Yoga Booty Ballett) tonight but i did...still hurting like an SOB but at least I got another work out in

Swishy said...

I LOVE THIS POST! You were cracking me up! Good for you. Maybe I will have to try that tape ... trainer Bob is so nice!

secret lady said...

remember the pain means it's working - even though it hurts you know you are gonna look good :D can you post a linkg for this "video" where can you get it from - do you need any gear to use it??

flea said...

Or you can also get it on Amazon