Monday, March 07, 2005

GD Potholes

my latest erk/quirk is potholes. man i hate these buggers

you see this time of year it's not quite warm enough or cold enough outside that the roads go all to hell. espically here in the wonderfull town of woodstock. it's no wonder i have no shocks or struts in my car. i almost fell into one of these holes and i almost didn't come out of it as it was so GD big. no matter how frickin hard you try to avoid them you still hit a new one or the one you try not to hit every damn morning. sometimes you have no choice but to hit it and grin and bear it as on coming traffic is coming at you. i pity anyone who has a new car, it won't be new for very long on these streets.

note - avoid upper main street at all costs, this is the wurst, wurst ever and go around if at all possible

there are holes, and cracks and bumps and crunks and i just frickin hate it. they won't do anything to these roads until spring so we are just supposed to take this and go along with it. stupid government, stupid town of woodstock grrrrrr

oh and stupid blog today as i was having technical difficulties signing in, etc today, v. complicated/strange and i pretty much had to reboot to solve the problem. grrrrrr

isn't it a lovely day out there today...................NOT

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Aila said...

Shoulda posted on the blog entry before this but hey, I've never been known to be punctual or even conventional for that matter. Do you work for the government? I do too !! Fed's though, not prov.

TOo bad your in a funk, I have been there for sometime waiting for something big to happen. I think a bender is just what you need. I'm going for it this week. I'll toast a beer in your honor knowing your probably toasting your own beer with your sissy.

Hope things get better, and learn to swerve out of the way of those GD potholes that tend to jump in front of cars.