Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Holy Cow it's a Blizzard out there!!!

man oh man it's one hell of a crazy, wild-n-windy day out there and to top it off it's snowing. There are white out conditions all over the highway's and the RCMP are telling pps to stay off the road.

Why the hell are we still open??? Can anyone explain this to me. I just was talking to my supervisor and apparantly an e-mail was sent out by the "big" guy that pps who live out of town (ie: me) can leave early but they will have to make up the time. WTF??? If I die on the way home I will come back and haunt your sorry asses.

Are employees not worth more to their employers? I just don't get this, I know we deal with emergency situations but give me a break who the hell would venture out in this thing? This is way worse than last time when they shut us down and nobody seems to be saying anything. What to do, should I stay or should I go???? I hate making decisions, but i'm pretty sure I will head out at least in the next hour or so. I don't really give a rats ass if I lose hours i'm outta here in 2 wks anyways, what do I have to lose.


So not looking forward to driving home in this mess. To make matter's worse I have a headlight that's burnt out so with my luck i'll probably get stopped by the cops and get a ticket or something.

Wish me luck ~

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TSC Andrew said...

On one note, I have noticed this happening more and more, we don't even close anymore. On note number two, girls don't get tickets!!!