Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March Resolutions

lately i've been really noticing my bad habits and instead of doing an "new year's resolution" i'm doing it now in march. better late than never i guess.

so i've complied a little list of all my bad traits/habbits that I am in desperate need of changing. this does not necessarily mean that i will give them up (here's to hoping that I at least give up half of them) but one can only hope.

Bad habit #1 - chewing my nails. i'm espically v.bad right now as i'm stressed out to the MAX so my poor little fin fin's (fingers) do not stand a chance. i'm vowing to change this as my lovely co-workers got me a farewell gift to have a pedicure and manicure, so I have to at least try to slack off of this so I can have nails for her to work with. so far not doing to bad, but this morning i got to chewing on one of my problem nails and yeah i'm sure this will only lead to more chomping this afternoon. i realize that this is a disgusting habit, as many germs, fugi and what not grow under our nails but that just doesn't matter to me. i need to stop this maddness!

habit #2 - eating out at McDonald's, or just plain eating badly (ie: french fries, pizza, anything deep fried....). i've touched on this topic before but i've never actually cut it out of my lifestyle. i did good for like a week and a half and then i was right back to goin thru the drive through.....just plain sad and i'm vowing to not, not eat out this week and once i'm done work i won't be able too. so part of the problem will be solved. the only thing is that when i'm home and bored i like to eat and then eat some more. have been doin somewhat better as i have been trying to buy fruit like apples and oranges so i am making progress.

habit #3 - speeding when i am angry/frustrated. done this a lot lately, in fact most days i feel that i have missed my calling. so should be a professional race car driver, man wouldn't that be fun but really this is not good. luckily, i have never been stopped and god knows i could not afford the bill, but i get great joys out of this but i have scared myself a little so i have slacked off some, but summer is coming and that's not a good sign. but i am trying to rectify this and it's a work in progress & my poor beat up car just can't take the speed like it used to, it starts to shake and rattle around 120KM. poor baby.

habit#4 - drinking pop, any kind of pop whether it's diet, sprite, coke/pepsi. this needs to stop, in fact so far this week i have done well. i'm not a big pop drinker, mabye one a day but i find that it makes me so bloated and feel yucky that i'm just going to cut this out. water all the way baby, and i'm sort of doing a test to see if i feel better in a week or more. will keep you posted

habit#5 - picking the zits on my face until they bleed. yeah this is so not a nice habit to have. ever since i hit my 20's i've been breaking out along my jaw line/on my neck. so not cool. but if and when i find or come across a zit in this area.....oh boy....i will pick and squeeze and pick and pick until i look like i have some sort of rare disease. nasty. been doing ok the last few weeks as i haven't had any major break outs lately *knock on wood*, but when that time of the month comes around you will know as i'm all blotchy and red.

habit#6 - stop being mrs. worry wort. i need to chill out and stop fretting over things that i have no control over. i'm so stressed out over whether or not i should take a job or not i don't know which way is up or down. i can't focus and i'm so damn crabby at home i don't really know how hubby can stand me right now. may be why he spends a lot of the time in our basement.............. i need to relax, and i'm hoping to do this next week.

so i have some challenges ahead but i thing i can beat some of these nasty habits, at least i hope so as i know they bug me and i hate to think of what other pps think.

anyhoo, it's another stormy, yucky day here in the Maritimes. V. Rainy, dark and windy out there, i just hope that it doesn't freezing rain which it's supposed to do.

Again need to stop worrying.......not off to a good start. i'll keep ya's posted!

c-ya later

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Scarlett said...

My Bad habit regarding driving is that I wish I was in a hummer and could run over drivers.