Friday, March 11, 2005


I couldn't really think of a title today, so "update" will have to do, espically since it has been a couple of days.

major storm hit tuesday/wednesday morning. our area got hit wicked hard and there is ice everywhere. did not get into work that day & the roads are still an icey mess. so i missed my weekly predictions for AI, i did have 3-4 right though i really thought that nikko deserved to go thorugh and not fat ass scott, he so needs to go home right away.

yesterday - i was uber busy with work as i have tons and tons of stuff that i would like/need to get cleaned up before i leave today. so i didn't even get a chance to come here and post, guess i need to get used to that anyways as it looks like my brother-in-law has yet to fix my computer. so this is my last post for awhile. ~sob~ ha ha i will miss it though

v.weird today and yesterday it's finally hitting me that today is my last day here. wen't home last night v.emotional and upset. not getting any easier or better. i don't really like to say goodbye's and all that so i'm not, i'm just going to pretend it's like any other day and leave it at that. so don't want to cry here and i'm hoping that i don't, did a lot of that last night. so will see.

on the plus side i have had a phone interview for yet another reservation centre in F'ton this time for Delta, they want them to be semi/fully billingual ha ha so not me and i tweaked my resume a little and now i have to do some frickin language not looking forward to this, will not be pretty. i will probably just end up saying this job is not for me.....sorry. another bonus is i have an interview monday morning for a local business not so far as f'ton and i'm really hoping this will go well as they pay ok and it sounds like a good place to work. the only thing is shift work but at this point i don't care, just give me work with good pay and i'm in. so let's hope that one goes well.

have yet to hear anything from the gov't position, probably be weeks before or if i do, will just have to see. also had a co-worker from here put in a good word with a friend of her's at mccains, so i have my name/resume in there as well. so there is lots and lots of possibilities, just have to be patient & select the right one. v. nerve racking and hard on the head though.

so i have lots going on, my mind is constantly racing and i'm not sleeping, probable nervious breakdown is predicted in my near future.

well i'll see you when i see you my friends, don't forget about me as i will be back, god knows i will miss this and many other things. will have serious withdrawl i'm sure.

wish me luck with my on-going job hunt and see you soon


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