Monday, March 14, 2005

I have a JOB!!!!


i'm soooo excited

I wen't for an interveiw with a company this morning in Hartland and it was the wurst interview experience ever. I felt like I was in some sort of eposide of Amercian Idol or something. They did the interview with everyone they were interviewing right in the room, then we had a conference call with the "head honcho" one by one and they kept coming back in saying that they weren't or were hired. my nerves were so on wire, that when I finally had to go in I was shaking and sweating so badly, man i was in bad shape, but as soon as the guy started asking questions i was fine and it went superb and then he's like so what would you do if we offered you the job.....and i'm like hello, da, no I didn't but I was like most definetely I would take it. So YESSSSS I start training monday, I have a week off to do nothing and life is starting to look up.

so yeah, i found my way to a computer and i just had to write.

until we meet again my friends, i'm out for now


Scarlett said...

Congrats. I have been there in job interviews that did not go well and they suck. This current job I was sure they would not call, but they did.

krazykaper said...

Congrats on the new job. Is it a gov. position like you were looking for?


Aila said...

Congratulations, being unemployed sucks after about a week and you realize your not getting paid to watch soap operas.

what is the company you will be working for and what will you be doing for them?

Kleokatra said...
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Kleokatra said...

Hello- sorry about the previous post, thought I was on a different blog. *senior moment*
Congrats still on the new job! I hope that it was everything that you were hoping for!