Friday, March 25, 2005

"to infinity and beyond.........."

well it's been a long, long time and i'm having serious withdrawl from my blog page

my title refers to my new "unknown" phase of life, you see i started my new job and it's the end of hell week (training/first week on the job) still not sure if i will like it but it's a job and it pays fairly well. suck it up and move on, i know but i'm having major isues & am v. emotional right now.

first of all i'm really, really missing my old job and pps that i worked with and all the perks of a gov't job....sob sob

secondly i hate adjusting to my new hours, really sucks ass

thirdly i hate calling pps all day long and having my boss tell me that i'm not a telemarketer that i'm a pharmasecutical tele-rep....yeah uh huh tell that to the bitch on the other end that just hung up on me.............

fourthly i have yet to get through to the ever elusive doctor and pretty much everyone else around me has....oh and my "pod" yeah who the hell thinks up this shit (it's basically a group of four pps that work together) has two complete off the wall wacko's in it....they are nice and all but really, creppy and werid and down right odd. one girl doesn't have eyelashes???? does she pull them out? do they fall out?? wtf?????

hmmmm what else is on my mind...........

i am so glad to get this shit out and off of my mind, really not mentally well right now and i feel like screaming and crying most of the time. could just be the weather or could be that i've gone off of my rocker again. i'm v. anxious for it to be spring already and the damn snow just won't go away. i hate march and i so can't wait for it to be over.

oh did i mention that i had to work today....hello it's frickin good friday that should be against the law or something. one bonus is that i did get paid time and a half, way cool but i don't get paid for like 3 wks. great

i hate entering new stages of life and i know that in a couple of weeks everything will be better and ok but i hate change, i hate adjusting and adapting to it and it just SUCKS

in the meantime i still have yet to get my computer back from my brother in law, don't know what the hell he is doing with it probably nothing and i want the fucker back already. i always do our banking on line and i just want to blog........but i have ways as you can see god love my family and aunt lois thanks for the computer!!!!

shouting out to all cousins everyone is doing great in our neck of the woods, good to see aunt Caroline and everyone together tonight here at aunt lois's. just glad to not be sitting home alone while hubby is out wheeling god knows where........

anyways gotta run, may be awhile again but i will be back keep checkin in

see ya later ~

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TSC Andrew said...

We all hate going to new jobs and learning the new ropes...try moving to a new city and starting a job with no one that you know and you don't get to see anyone familiar until the weekends!!

Before you know it you will be comfortable with everyone and moving up the coporate ladder. Always give new ideas and new processes on how things could get done while saving the company money. Before you know it you couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

Keep your head up