Wednesday, March 02, 2005

AI Predictions - Week Two & Amazaing Race is BACK

Predictions for Amercian Idol this week are a little tougher but I have it narrowed down.

Bottom 3 Boyz

Wurst performance of the night has to go to Anthony Fedorov the boy can sang but he reminds me too much of a guy that I graduated with who could sing ok, but he was gay and Anthony is gay and he looks and sounds just like Clay Atkien. Sorry Anthony but one Clay is enough. His performance was v. boring and draggy until he hit some good long notes, overall not good enough and he lacks major charisma & stage prescene. Should be one to go.

2nd pick to go is David Brown. The judges keep saying that he's better than that and he needs to step it up. I don't like him, song was lame and boring and down right painful for me & I don't like his resemblance to a cling on from Star Trek either. Lose the dreds man. If he doesn't go (which he probably won't) then he will soon, guranteed

3rd pick to possibly go home is Constaine Maroulis. I liked this guy right away, lately not so much. His attitude and ego are way to much to take in & he's not that great of a singer. Still I find him extremely hot and sexy (must be the long shaggy hair & resemblance to a hippy, man I have a weak spot for hippies......) ok sorry got derailed there, his performance just wasn't up to snuff and I don't think he's connecting. Could be wrong here and I probably am as i'm sure the girls are voting for him but again I don't feel he will be around very long.

My surprize performance of the night that just blew me (and the judges) away was Bo Bice. He's not as sexy or cool as Constaine but man can this guy rock and sing. I didn't know the song, didn't care, he was AMAZING, totally took me by surprize and codo's to him for steppin up to the plate. Keep it up buddy, got to have at least one rocker/hippy dude in the competition.

Bottom 3 Girlz

Janay Castine, girl you should have went home last week at least you could have left gracefully. Where to begin with you....oh god her outfit was just tacky, tacky, tacky. The song choice was "hit em up style" by Blu Cantrell. Good song to sing along with while drivin a car but it was her only song, a one hit wonder per say. Don't ever pick a one hit wonder pps you know your headin down a one way alley if you do and that's out the door. Good riddance Janay never liked you anyways.

Celena Raye chose to sing a Faith Hill song.........shaking just don't, DON'T ever chose to do a Faith Hill song. Everytime they do they don't come close and it's just brutal and it hurts your ears. Previous contants have gong down this road and she should have known better. Agree with Simon (as usual) that she should be singing in a hotel, she just doesn't have that somethin that would make her stand out. She's pretty enough and sings ok but it's just not good enough.

3rd and final pick is Alhoa Mischeaux. First of all wtf was up with her wack hairdo? Holy cow looked faguely like a beehive yet it still had pieces on the sides.....weird & nasty. Second of all again don't touch pps song's that you don't belong in. IE Alicia Keys, the girl is one of the best acts out there right now and you just don't go near her stuff cause your gonna flop big time. Not a good performance, nasty hair but she seems to be a favorite of the judges so I dunno but I think she deserves to be here (for now anyways)

Surprize performance of the night goes to Mikalah Gordon whom I still am not really liking as she sounds to nasal to me but she stepped up last night and chose a song that the judges didn't expect her to ever do and she was pretty good I must say. Showing that she is versatile & a competor to be reckoned with. She'll be around for awhile yet.

Ok, enough of AI onto bigger and better things.....god i'm so excited that this is on again I can't contain myself. Amazing Race 7 started last night and I love, love this show and to top it off Rob and Amber from SURVIVOR are on it. Now most pps hate them but I am in love with Rob, love his attitude (he so just does it for the camera & he makes good t.v), love how smart and witty he is, etc, etc etc. They probably won't get that far in this as everyone in it does not want them to win, but i'm so happy just to see him back on t.v that I hope they last for awhile yet. Other fav teams so far are the two gay guys who are just too funny and out there that I can't help but laugh; the two semi hot brothers ~ watch out for them pps; and the guy who is contantly bitchin at his on/off girlfriend why I like them I dunno.

Teams that I hate are of course the two dumb blondes who were all like were "skinny" and "blonde" and don't judge us by our looks. Stupid tits, but I do give them codo's for actually doing the basket challenge, god knows I couldn't have done it. I don't like the African American married couple either just something there that I am not liking.

Lots and lots of good t.v on lately and it's only just begun. So EXCITING he he he he

Well, I get to leave early again today, have to be in F'ton for 5:00 to take my test for a gov job that I applied for. Really nervous and anxious just to get it over with. I just don't or I should say that i'm trying not to get my hopes up to much but I would really, really love to have this job & it would just make things so much easier if I did get it. Guess I just have to keep tellin myself that if it's ment to be then it will "be". It's out of my hands and I need to quit fretting.

Easier said than done.

Anyways, gotta run ~ Wish me luck :0)

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krazykaper said...

Good luck with the test. if you move to F'ton we'll have to meet up and have a jolly bitch fest. It'll be fun.