Monday, December 05, 2005

pop up's

some random thoughts that have been popping into my brain lately:

i hate being called a "secretary" even though technically it's what i am but i much prefer to go by administrative assistant, admin support or better yet executive assistant (ha i don't do enough to be called that!)

i also dislike being called dear makes me feel old

weighed myself the other nite i'm down a few pounds (it's coming off slowly but if i weren't so lazy and exercised i'm sure it would come off faster.....)

upon weighing myself hubby was curious to see what he weighed....sadly he weighs less than i do which is so depressing

bought two new fab outfits last week while shopping (which i soooo needed) but now i'm feeling guilty as we are lacking $$ and have NO money. sigh. to depressing to think about makes me want to cry

i am also done, DONE my x-mas shopping no more!! plus they are all wrapped and stored away to be delivered

lack of $$ is causing major stress and anxiety for me (as usual) so therefore i am not sleeping, eating and am very moody

my sissy is coming home for X-mas!!! so excited and cannot wait to see her as i haven't seen her since March

i acutally went for a walk yesterday. imagine. me doing physical activity! i'm quite surprized at myself. damn near froze to death but still

we put our x-mas tree up yesterday. had our typical annual x-mas tree arguement about decorations. i called his gradmother's ornaments tacky and he got really upset with me and called me princess and not in a nice way. so then i got really mad. needless to say it's decorated with mine & his stuff (at this point i don't really care) and we made up (as usual). guess this has become a tradition of sorts

where hubby has been down for the count (he is getting much better) i have been tending to our wood stove (as this is our main source of heat) and every damn time i put a stick of wood in i somehow manage to burn myself. the first time it was a finger, the second my wrist and finally now the 3rd and the wurst is my arm right in the crease where it bends and it hurts like a sob :(

after burning myself i contemplated what i could put on myself that would have a cooling effect. anyone remember the old noxzema in the blue jar? ahh what fond memories i have of this and just the smel alone takes me to a happy place. do they even make this anymore??

anyways i'm out


Wandering Coyote said...

Being called dear is so condescending! I hate it, too.

Congrats on your weight loss, too. I always outweighed my husband so don't feel too badly.

flea said...

wc - it's coming off slowly but at least it's starting to come off only 10-15 more to go to be at my goal weight which seems such a long ways away!! but i'm determined, just wish i could get into the routine/habit of exercising...that should be my next goal

Blondie said...

I love Noxema in the blue jar! They do still make it, and I use it all the time. It feels so good on my face!!

Congrats on the weight loss, but from the pic you posted a while back ago, it doesn't look like you need to lose ANY weight.

flea said...

blondie - thanks for the compliment but that pic was from 2 years ago and that's where i want to be again now & just to get into shape and lose the extra weight off of my ass

extremely hard this time of year but i'm trying to stick tomy guns

Kleokatra said...

DON'T put that noxema on your burn!!!!! It will NOT help the burn!!! go to your local pharmacy and ask them for burn cream. they should usually have a selection to choose from. Noxema will just dry out your skin, and when it is already dried out from the burn, you will just make it worse. Try and find some burn cream with aloe if they make it out there. It should help relieve some of the pain. hope you feel better and congrats on the weight loss! I hope you have fun with the family over Christmas! :)

flea said...

kleo - lol, i won't! i don't even own any noxema. i'm just toughing it out and letting it heal on its own

Aila said...

Could be worse, you could be called "Mam" the WORST when coming from a 16 year old snot in a Tim Horton's Drive through. I'm not old enough to be called Mam yet !!!