Thursday, December 22, 2005

ten reasons why this year's christmas is going to kick ass way more than last year

10) there is just a happy vibe in the air that is making me extremely happy and giddy. of course this may be due to all the rum balls and eggnog that i have consumed.

9) we actually have snow this year. mind you it's not a lot but we have snow

8) food. oh the food. there's chocolates, candies, fruit baskets, peanut brittle, sweets oh the sweets its never ending! to hell with the diet worry about it in the new year!!!!

7) presents. lot's and lot's of presents

6) i received my first ever christmas bonus

5) no more wrapping, taping, stuffing, tying of christmas presents til another year

4) cannot wait to see hubby open up his gift that i got for him, it's the bestest present EVER! and he is going to be super stoked....but shhhhhh we can't tell!!

3) our office is shutting down at 3pm tomorrow & ordering in pizza for everyone. sweet!!

2) planning on getting totally shit faced on christmas eve with family & co. this seems to becoming a tradition and i've been online finding shooter receipes. plan on making malibu rum jello shooters in a watermelon flavor.....mmmmmm. cannot wait for the drunkeness

and my #1 reason that christmas is going to kick way more ass than last year's christmas is.......................................................................................

1) MY SISTER IS HOME!! for the first time in 4 years for christmas and i'm so super duper happy that she's home i cannot sit still. they just got in last nite and i'm so glad she's here it just makes everything "right"

only 3 more days to go!!

i'm out


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm happy you're so happy!

The rest of my clan arrives tomorrow morning and I'm really looking forward to it.

flea said...

wc - yeah it's weird i haven't been this happy in well....quite's kinda nice for a change!!! enjoy your time with your family :0)

Kleokatra said...

It sounds like you are going to have an absolutely amazing time for Christmas. I am super excited for you!! YEA!!! I get to leave work early tomorrow, and my mom and I are going to have a big party thingy too. I am really starting to get excited. Merry Christmas to you, Have a wonderful time with your family!!!

flea said...

kleo - thanks i AM super excited and i'm glad i rubbed off onto you. enjoy your family as well and a big MERRY CHRISTMAS too you too!!

Bridget Jones said...

WAY to go flea!!! Very happy for your Christmas sister. Would FREAK if I didn't see my family often (holidays, birthdays). Thank God we live close by each other.

Merry Christmas flea!!! Hope your hubby loves his prezzie!!


flea said...

bridg - thanks!! i wish she lived closer but her boyfriend is in the army so you kinda get used to it after awhile

i hope he likes it to!

take care & a big warm fuzzy merry christmas to you & your family!