Thursday, December 08, 2005

101 things about ME

1. i am terribly afraid of the dark

2. i've never had the chicken pox

3. as a kid i loved to pick at my fly bites until they bled so it's probably a good thing i never had the chicken pox as i have enough scares already

4. i love watching horror/scary movies

5. i don't own an ironing board and i never iron anything anyways so why bother getting one?

6. i first smoked pot when i was 17 with my friend MJ at a party at her house. was totally f*%#@! up. i loved it

7. i'm a movie buff and would kick ass at Scene it the movie edition

8. i'm also a t.v junkie

9. i love all/most animails

10. i hate any kind of insect (specially june bugs, spiders, flying ants....uck!)

11. i'm terribly allergic to pretty much everything and should not have pets but i do (i have 2 dogs & 2 cats)

12. i'm more of a cat person

13. i have a tendancy to drift off when someone talks to me (specailly if it's boring and or i just don't care) and i just keep nodding my head

14. my heritage is irish/scotish/french

15. i can hold my pee for a long time if necessary

16. i have some form of exema on my two pointer fingers & one thumb and it's never gone away & been there for as long as i remember

17. i have no patience

18. i love to dance

19. in fact a part of me always wanted to run away to vegas or L.A to be a stripper for awhile ~ not so much now as i'm 15 pounds overweight but when i was like 19/20

20. i've never been arrested or in an accident (knock on wood!!)

21. i love to speed & drive fast

22. my eyes are blue (how boring)

23. i often wonder where i would be if i hadn't meet hubby and gone in a different direction with my life

24. my hubby is the only person i've had "physical relations" with

25. i love ice cream and would eat it every day

26. i am allergic to milk so this would not be such a good idea

27. my mom always (since i was like 13/14) buys me an ice cream cake from DQ for my b-day and still does even though i'm now 25

28. i hate being 25 and do not want to get any older, still feel as though i'm 21

29. i hate it when people ask me if/when i plan to have kids

30. i'm spoiled and always put myself first above others

31. eveytime i go shopping i have to get new shoes

32.i'm not a bargin shopper (although i should be)

33. i hate grocery shopping

34. i constantly compare myself to other women and wish i would stop. i've done this forever too.

35.i'm a jealous person

36. i totally belive in fate, destiny whatever. everything happens for a reason

37. bought my first car when i was 20....still have the piece of junk today but i has lasted me this long

38. i had braces when i was a teen for like 2 1/2 years

39.i wouldn't kiss one of my boyfriends because of them and i broke up with him shortly after

40. my first kiss was with my now hubby's cousin. weird & ewwww

41. in high school i loved getting drunk & going to high school dances. thought i was so cool. my mom totally hated this

42. i once drove a car filled with like a shit load of pps and 2 were in the trunk thru town going 80kmph. got into major shit with parents as my grandfather and uncle caught me in the act. i was banned from having the car for months afterwords.

43. i got my belly button pierced when i was 16 and i lied and said i was 19

44. i have one fugly tattoo of a lady bug that i got with jilly, lisa and marsha when i was 20

45. would love to get more tattoos but i lack $$ plus hubby does not like or approve of them

46. my grandfather fought in WW2 and lost a portion of his leg due to a grenade. he went over with 2 of his brother & his best friend and was the only one to come back. he would never talk about the war

47. i'm not political and i base my vote on if i like the person or not not based on party's

48. i always wanted to be a VJ on much music

49. i love john lennon and his music ~ my fave song of his is Give Peace a Chance

50. i belive i am reincarnated from somone who lived in the late 60's early 70's as i love this time period

51. i am always cold. even in summer it's never warm enough for me

52. i have been to flordia once with a friend in high school & her family who had a condo there. they did not take me to the beach and i'm still mad about it today! but we did go to disney and busch gardens which i loved!

53. i love roller coasters

54. i hate throwing up. the feeling is so grose

55. this is probably the reason i never drink much

56. i have only been so drunk that i could not stand/talk/walk drunk twice in my life

57. i have split my head open a total of 2 times all when i was a child.

58.i have never broken any bones (yet!)

59. once while sliding on an air tube i couldn't jump off as i was scared & my mitt got caught on the handle so i ended up hitting a tree and getting a pretty bad concussion. had to be rushed to the outpatience. mom was not happy

60. i will only eat lipton's chicken noodle soup ~ nothing else will do, espically when i am sick

61. i do not drink coffee nor do i plan to ever. hate the smell of it.

62. i cannot stand bad breath

63. i have a strong/senstive sniffer and can smell stuff a mile away

64. my favorite group of all time is Blondie

65. i'm a leo ~ and a lot of the traits of a leo do apply to me

66. i once had a necklace with the leo symbol of a lion on it but it broke and fell off and i never found it. i loved that necklace

67. i've had the same toe ring since i was 16 and i've never taken it off

68. i love to paint my toe nails - fav color to paint them is red

69. i hardly ever wear matching socks and i love it when pps tell me that they don't match! i get a kick out of being different

70. i always get a lot of compliments when i wear purples or blue's, specially blue as it usually emphazies my eyes

71. purple & blues are my favorite colors

72. i liked Mr. Dressup better than Mr. Rogers

73. i loved seaseme street and i still have my seaseme street pillow case to this day as i cannot bear to part with it

74. i saw my poodle sassy get run over by a car right before my grade 4 christmas play. i kept telling myself that she was just sleeping

75. i chew on my inner lip when i'm nervous/bored

76. i own pretty much all of stephen kings books and know them all inside & out

77. my high school class once wen't on a trip to mount katadin in maine. we had to climb one of the mountains and clutsy me had to fall on the way down and bust my knee open on a rock. bled like a SOB

78. i played with barbies until i was 12/13 as i liked to dress them up and make there own clothes out of different fabric's

79. i was also a brownie and a girl guide

80. i once got lost from my family in a shopping mall. i had stopped to look at a game and i turned around and they were gone.

81. i once tried to run away from home when i was only 7/8. i packed a suit case and everything and headed down the road (not sure where i planned to go) but off i went. my sister came and found me shortly after (i didn't get far)

82. my first job was working for KFC when i was 16

83. my sister and i always loved watching the american music awards together when we were kids

84. i loved, loved new kids on the block and jordan was my favorite

85. in grade 5 i auditioned for the lead part for the christmas play only to lose out to the more poplar/pretty girl. the teacher took me aside and said i was the better choice but the class had voted and it wasn't her decision. i was so upset! not fair at all, i then had to play the role of the mother instead of the daughter with more scenes

86. i wish that my mother had put me into dance classes when i was younger

87. i got to see Green Day in 1996 billie joe striped and played in the nude was awsome

88. my favorite soap opera is general hospital i have watched it since i was like 12

89. i was reading romance novels at 12 too with vivid love scenes, my mom once took one away from me and burned it

90. i don't wear rings other than my wedding rings

91. i remember once a lady in sears sprayed perfume (think it was exclamation!, remember that stuff, uck it was way to strong) right into my face once while mom was shopping and it triggered me into an asthma attack. pretty scary and pretty dumb on her part

92. i love going to prince edward island every summer or whenever we go, there is just something about it over there that i love

93. i hate my nose it's very round and i've secretly wanted to get a nose job

94. i loved the t.v. show my so called life but due to lack of ratings they cancelled it (the bastards!) now all i can live with is the dvd or possible re-runs

95. my favorite christmas movie of all time is the Griswald's family christmas. priceless. and we watch it every year

96. i like to watch porno's ~ it gets me in the mood

97. i'm very fair complected and often look sickly as i have no color

98. i have had all of my wisdom teeth removed along with 4 molars as my mouth is to small

99. i was often teased about my big lips

100. i someday would like to get a brazilian bikini wax but i am terrified to actually go thru with it as i'm sure it hurts like heck

101. i still have my favorite teddy bear from when i was a wee little one and i hope that my child one day will take to it as i did

the end thank god!


Blondie said...

Wow! I feel like I know ya now!! :)

flea said...

yeah i was pretty bored yesterday!

glad to share it :)

Aila said...

hehe really enjoyed reading that.

Kleokatra said...

OMG! We are like the same person. Not really, but as I was reading this it was spooky close to me. like about half of the stuff on there is the same as my personality. That was so wierd. That was a really informative post though. liked it. :)

Wandering Coyote said...

I enjoyed reading this, too. I should do one when I'm on layoff.

Re. #45: What's it got to do with him? It's your body! My husband was dead set against me getting my nose pierced; I did it on our honeymoon in Charlottetown. I got a tattoo when I turned 30.

He'll get over it, trust me!

Bridget Jones said...

Ditto to what Blondie said. Are you really Angelina Jolie?

flea said...

aila - glad ya liked it ~ it's a long one fer sure

kleo - yeah we have a lot in common and it is a little spooky!

wc - your totally right and most of me doesn't care what he thinks and like i'm going to let him stop me! mabye on a deeper level i'm scared to get another one as it is painful, but mostly it's that i have no extra money to waste on such a frivulous thing. someday though, someday!!

bridg - :) i wish i was angelina! lol

Ben O. said...

So, when do you plan on having kids?

Ben O.

Nice list - Ben O.

flea said...

ben o - ha ha ha ha never!! lol
thanks for asking my fav question & thanks for stopping by