Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Narnia review

so i saw this movie on the weekend and i figured i'd talk about it here as i can't really think of anything else to write about. now from the previews this movie looked amazing visually and i just had to see it.

i have yet to read the books but growing up my fabulous cousin jilly would always talk to me about these books and how awsome they were and that i had to read them. why i never did i dunno but anyways i will eventually read them.

onto the movie review

well we arrive early with jilly & M and my hubby (who i should have left home as this is soooo not his type of movie but i felt like dragging him along anyways) so we get snacks and pop (BIG misstake!) to kill the half an hour just sitting in the theater.

ahh the movie finally begins. lot's of previews, really want to see the Family Stone that looks good, some other junk for kids and finally the movie is actually starting and i'm super stoked.

slow. that's all i need to say. the first hour is soooo slow, no i take that back the whole movie was kinda slow (total time was 2 1/2 hrs). and it didn't help that i had to get up and leave to use the washroom as the pop i had consumed ran right thru me (i never have done this as usually i can hold it but i drank the whole thing and i had to GO, go now!!) so i missed a few minutes but i don't think i missed much. mind you it did have its good moments but i dunno the whole time i was like get to something already!!

then the battle scene begins and i wonder why are young, YOUNG children allowed to view this? there wasn't any blood or anything but still it was a battle scene and it's the pivitol point in the movie. there was a row of about 4/5 year olds behind us and they are like what's happening? what's that? i know it's a kids movie but i think they are a little too young, i personally would never take my children (not that i have any) to a movie like this. doesn't it have a PG 13 rating??

overall i was a bit disappointed. mabye i was over hyped about it all, or mabye the previews made it seem better than what it was, mabye they shouldn't have drug it out over 2 1/2 hours, the book isn't that big pps! why drag it out??

anyways, my advise if your a big fan of the books you'll like it if your like me and never read or know anything about it you may be a wee bit disappointed or you may not. out of the four of us that watched it none of us were impressed, including jilly who had read the books!

that's my two cents worth anyways!


Bridget Jones said...

sorry that you didn't like it (haven't seen it myself)...did you see Elizabethtown?

Man what a waste of time....a very very looooong time....

Aila said...

Thanks so much for the review, I was thinking of taking my 10 year old daughter to see it, as we've both read the books. I think I'll pass.

Wandering Coyote said...

Did you think there was a strong Christian message in it? That's one criticism I've hear of it. No one said boo about a battle scene. Interesting...