Thursday, September 04, 2008

what i've been doing

while my work is freakin crazy leaving me brain fried, dumb and dumber and stressed to the max and wanting to bash my brain against my desk in anger/frustration what does one do with herself?


i'll tell you what this little girly does

she eats

cuz when i'm stressed/pre-menstrual and battling the red tide i like to freakin eat

popcorn (check)
ice cream (check)
fudge (check), evil lady came by the office today selling it, ate the whole damn box and for your info it was peanut butter & chocolate, so yummy)
french fries (check)

and whilst eating all of this junk what better to do with your time than sit on the couch and watch mindless t.v

gossip girl - new season started monday (check)
90210 - new series launched on tuesday (check)
bones - new season started on wednesday (check)

my stomach is so bloated and full of goobbly gunk that I could probably pass for a lady at least 3 months pregnant. seriously that bad, i'd take a photo but that would further depress me and cause even more stress and further binging

why do I get like this? i'm like a freakin hoover I could just eat and eat

not cool people not cool

and I was supposed to be on a diet



Wandering Coyote said...

I have the food "f*ck-its" lately. It just happens. Try not to be too hard on yourself!

Mo said...

I'm with you on the eating lately. Damn PMS bullcrap.

flea said...

wc - really oh thank god, i've been bad before, but not this bad...sigh

mo - i know eh, why can't men go through this stuff?? so not fair!!!

Swishy said...

I do the SAME THING. It used to be that I would get really starving hungry for everything in sight like maybe three days before my period ... now it's like TWO WEEKS! I want to eat EVERYTHING! It is horrible. And yet I can't stop.

Beth said...

mmmm, french fries. god, I will eat a RAW potato, I love potatoes so much....cooked any which way, I don't care.

and chips...salty and good. YUM!

mcBlogger said...

You are like me with the salty, the sugary treats and television. ha ha It'll pass.