Monday, December 29, 2008

ups and downs of 2008

well Christmas is over for another year (thank god), oh how I love and loathe the holidays, but we got through them.

and one can't help but reflect back on the year as good ole new year's eve is right around the corner. and while I can't remember all that 2008 contained here are a few highs and low lights (i may ad/edit more later)

let's start with the lows to get them out of the way shall we

* the biggie was losing yet another job in late October early November, the business that I was employed at folded up and shut down for good, and while I had an idea that it was coming I still wasn't prepared for it

* spent majority of the year depressed, anxious and just not happy at this said job wanting to leave but not leaving and sea sawing on that decision until the doors shut in my face

* watching my favorite auntie and 2nd mum pack up and leave for the wild west (aka Fort McMurray) in late May

* suffered through one of the worst winter's our area has seen in a very long time, snow, snow and more snow it just never seemed to end

on the positive side

* got to see Cats in February with my mom, aunt, Jilly in Halifax - one word amazing

* Jilly & Mark's wedding in May in the Dominican Republic, one week in paradise and a wedding in the middle. tons of memories, Lot's of laughs, truly a remarkable experience

* celebrating my 28th birthday, this was one of the best birthday's in recent memory. all of my co-workers chipped in and bought a cake, we ordered in pizza for lunch, they sang happy birthday, then my hubby takes me out for dinner. a perfect day

* NKOTB in September need I say anything more?

* discovering that I am going to be an aunt come June as Jilly & Mark are expecting!!


Wandering Coyote said...

I hope you feel your positives outweighed the negatives! Happy 2009 to you!

Swishy said...

Auntie Flea! Congratulations!