Tuesday, June 28, 2011

to blog or not to blog

that is the question?
what has happend to the blogging world? is it the same for everyone else as it is for me?
just don't have the time or energy
or is blogging being pushed out by facebook and twitter (which I can say I don't do)
I can say that I do miss blogging and my few friends that I have made on here I do still read, I just don't comment
I can also say that I cannot possibly delete or remove this site as I have so many near and dear memories and some great posts on here that I can't part with. perhaps someday (if I get time) I will transfer them somewhere other than here so I can keep them to look back on
or better yet perhaps I will get the blogging bug again now that i'm on summer break from school?
who knows
I sure as hell don't
I have missed you
life is good, i'm happy, doing well in school, little miss is growing up before my eyes, time moving much to fast
life moves along
and so are the days of our lives

1 comment:

MJ said...

I've missed you! Glad you're doing well! It's my experience that it's an ebb and flow thing. You might be too busy right now, but in time you'll get back into it.